Monday, June 13, 2011

letting loose in the kitchen

a few days ago i had a friend visit me for afternoon tea i decided to make something for this eldest daughter(12) asked if she could so i said yes but i watched her all the time ....she made a lovely jam and coconut sponge which masha`allah was really tasty ...but as usual i forgot to take a photo till it was nearly finished

so today i asked her to make it again but this time i let her alone to see how she would cope and what we would end up with as i believe it`s the best way to teach them ......well can you imagine what we got .....neither could i ....i`m going to post the pic and leave you decide on it

so i have been asked to put up the recipe .... this became a shock for me as .... i didnt think ppl would be interested here you are 

2 mugs of flour
1 mug of sugar
1 mug of oil
3 eggs
tsp of vanilla
2 pks of baking powder
and a few drops of milk
1 bar of chocolate
and 1 banana

place all ingredients in to your blender and wizz up then add some milk till it`s not stiff but not runny
then poor into a greased tin and bake till top is firm and brown 
when cooked take form oven and allow to stand for about 5 mins then take out .....halve your sponge and put melted chocolate over and spread then place other half of sponge on top then spread some more of the chocolate over the top and slice some banana and place on top then grate some chocolate over the banana and thats it 


this is a pic of the size of mug we used to measure out and the baking powder packets measure out as 1 pkt 10grms 


  1. Thanks for stopping by! This cake looks really good but not sure I could duplicate it (LOL - need measurements - hehehe!)

    I checked out quite a few of your dishes. They look really yummy. You do beautiful crochet work!

  2. oh thank you teresa .... if you have a mug thats alll the measurement you need lol

    thank you for taking the time to drop by ....and thanks for the comment about the crocheting ....

    arent you one of the members on mmc ... if so i`m umm zina from their

  3. Oh isn't Zina clever! You are right, that is the way to learn. I am the eldest of seven children, and I remember my mother teaching me to cook that way, so I could look after the family when she was in hospital giving birth to my siblings. I was around your daughter's age. I have a thing for chocolate and banana together so I will defo make this one too!

  4. oh thank you dolly when i was her age i was cooking full dinners as my parents had to work so i believe that it`s the best way to teach them and time and time again she has proven this to me