Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rolled up Chicken Breast

i`m always on the look out for a good recipe when it comes to chicken breast and maha`allah i found one here .......jazak`allah khair nicola for such a great recipe everyone loved it and insha`allahit will become a regular in our house

so as usual i have to be the taster in my house and i got so carried away that i placed them on the table and nearly forgot to take the picture thats why you only see a few left on the plate .... so big thumbs up

Thursday, September 15, 2011


So here`s another one for you it`s an algerian dish called k`babh  this dish can be made with either chicken or meat balls so today i went with mince balls .... it is a very simple dish and very tasty ... to tell the truth it had been a while since i made it as alot of time i leave out the parsley and egg  but this time i went to whole way

to getting this dish right  you must be careful that their isnt too much sauce or too little sauce  and as long as you can get that then the dish speaks for it`s self ... believe me it took me a long time to get  it right ... that now my dh nephew  says i cook better than his mum and he love to eat what i make


mince meat (as much or as little as you like)
a handful of rice ( this also depends on the amount of mince )
breadcrumbs (optional )
1 egg
black pepper


1 onion
handful of chick peas
black pepper

chips(fried potatoes)


 Dice up onion small
add some oil and saute on a low heat
the add chickpeas (only if they are form the ones you saok over night) if from a tin then have way through the cooking process
add spices and continue
then add water litle by little

at this stage you can make up you mince meat ball by placing all ingredients into a bowl and mix well then form balls

after about 30 mins of cooking the sauce add the balls and if needed add so more water and continue until chick peas are soft and turn off

 fry your potatoes and when cooked add to sauce this stage turn back on the heat  to a medium flame add chopped parsley and the from a bowl add 3 eggs that have been beaten  ... pour over the top and just place the spoon in different parts  of the pot to allow the eggs to fill up the area and allow to simmer for a few mins then turn off the heat and leave it for a few mins to allow it to rest

so you see simple and tasty ... give it a try i`m sure you will like it and if you dont like eggs just leave it out will still make a tasty dish

Carrot and Courgette Fritters

Sometimes it is so hard to find things to put on the table and especially when some of your kids are a little fussy ....also i hate to throw out veg that might start to go off a little because they didnt get used  ....till just recently when my friend was here and mentioned that she made some carrot and courgette fritters and that all her family loved it ..... now the amazing thing was that i had been browsing for a while and a few of the sites i came across had the courgette fritters and i really wanted to try them but i was afraid  that they would not be eaten and i would end up throwing them out ... but after listen to my friend i decided to biet the bullet and masha`allah i`m so happy i did ... they have become a favorite in my house so much that dh loves them too ... now i couldnt remember exactly what my friend added to her but i made mine like this

2 big courgettes
About 4/5 carrots (this depends on size )
2 eggs
about 3 tbsp of flour .. (you can add more if you feel the need)
black pepper
and 1 small onion

all you do is grate carrots and courgettes and if you like place in a cloth and squeeze out the water form them.... then dice the onion really small add your eggs and flour along with the pepper and salt and mix well

then all you have to do is fry them ...

NOTE: when placing the spoon full amounts into the oil dont press them down leave them as they are ....

and thats it simple and easy and yummmmyyy ... go on give it a try

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chicken and Parsley

Many years ago i was in my friends house and she was making this dish and masha`allah when i tasted it i though yummmmy when i went home a little later i tried it and everyone loved it ... i have used it over the years but of lately forgot all about it til today i was sitting in my kitchen thinking what to cook tonight especially after dh bringing  me my shopping and also having that friend drop in to me today too ... so what did i make you ask well it is a djuezzes with chicken and potatoes and parsley

so first of all i marinated my chicken with onion.... black pepper ...salt.... cumin.... and razel hanout (all spice). and parsley ... i left this for about a hour then place it into the pan and fried it until chicken is colored at this stage i add a little water and allow to come to the boil then adding a little more water i add the potatoes and allow to come back to the boil and leave simmer  keeping an eye on the sauce and not allowing it to dry out .... by the end i add a little extra parsley and leave it for about 5 mins ... turn off the heat and thats it ... masha`allah very simple and tasty


So yesterday was a lovely afternoon ...we had a lovely visit from my friend and her daughter which made it even more pleasant ... so it was time to think what i could put on the table with a cuppa and being that i was at the end of my shopping i decided to go with scones ...simple .... but easy

8oz of flour
1and 1/2 oz of butter
1 tsp bio carb
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 pkt of baking powder (10g) about
185ml of milk ( i just pour till dough comes together )

place all ingredients in a bowl  then melt butter and pour over and mix till like bread crumbs then add milk till dough comes together  and knead

place on a floured surface and roll out and cut into shapes of your choice

place on a floured baking sheet and bake it takes about 15 / 20 mins

serve with butter and jam

Note: i will also add either raisins or currants  or with the batch i made i cut up some dates into small pieces and mixed it in

Friday, September 9, 2011


I bet most of you know how to make an omelet and masha`allah their are so may filling to put into them so this week i have done two 

both when making chips so the first is adding just a bit a parsley to the egg before poring on a hot frying pan and then adding the chips to it ....once cooked place a plate over the pan and turn

the second is placing the egg on a hot pan the placing spinach and chips on top and allowing to cook and the once finished doing the same as the other and turning it over ..... so simple and tasty and great for a quick snack

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spaghetti with tuna sauce

my kids love spaghetti and when i make this they will eat anything up to three bowls i sometimes wonder have they eaten all day knowing that yes i gave them their lunch as well as them having something to eat in between

now if i make it with mince my dh wont eat it so we eat it with tuna which my dh thought me a long time ago ....even the baby in the house loves it and i normally cut it up for her but she wont eat it like that she wants to be like the rest and eat it whole masha`allah

tuna sauce 

i fry a little onion and garlic together on a medium heat then i add a little tomato puree and continue then add spices and a little water and aloow to cook for a few mins then i will add some more water and leave to cook for about 20 mins then i will add tuna ... all we have is form the tins so that what i use then i allow that to cook for about 10 mins then adding a little more water and some more tomato puree and allow sauce to reduce

as  for spaghetti  every one know how to cook that so i wont bore you

once everything is cook place some spaghetti in a bowl and pour some of the tuna sauce on top and grate some cheese over and enjoy


how i make mine is

red sauce
1 medium onion
4 cloves of garlic
mince depends on how much you make
4 tomaotoes
tomato puree
black pepper
razel hanout
2 peppers

bachemal sauce

fry onion and garlic first on a gentle heat then add  peppers and  mince and brown  then add mushrooms if using ... then i added tomatoes that i previously soften and blended in the blender  and continue for a few mins ... then add spices  and allow to continue for a few mins ... then add some water and allow to cook for about 20 mins ..... in the mean time make the bachemal sauce for quantities i`m not sure as i just go by look ..... melt your butter  take away form the heat add your flour and mix till it makes a rue then add your milk little by little once you have enough add a bay leaf to it and place back on a low heat and keep stirring until it becomes thick or to what you want

 now once sauces are done it`s time to assemble now i like to  place sometime lasagna sheets on the bottom then add my red sauce then lasagna sheets the the bachemal sauce  and keep going like that till you end with the bachemal sauce on top then i sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top and place in oven it can take between 30 to 40 mins to cook depending on your oven 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

La Koka (algerian pizza)

we are one for pizza and this ramdan you can believe that alot of pizza was made  and eaten .... but last year i remember my dh coming home and saying i will teach you a new one i said go ahead

masha`allah it was delicious ....the amazing thing was their is no cheese on this pizza ...(what i hear you say).... yes no cheese

so basically  i use the same pizza dough as here

then i spread just tomato puree and not the sauce i usually use all over the dough ... then i cut fresh tomatoes in circles and for my dh we take the seeds out as he believes their not good for the stomach ...and i place these around the dough and into the middle .... now what make this pizza it i place sardines that have been salted and the salt remains on it  this i open and take the bones out and tear it  into little pieces and place aound the pizza when finished place in oven till dough is cooked then take out and brush some oil normal oil over the top and cut and eat ... believe you will love the saltiness form the sardines as you bit in ....yuuuuummmmmy