Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what have i been up to

wow it has been a busy few weeks with kids back to school and my dh not here ..... it can take up alot of time but alhamdu`lilah

so what have i been up to.... well i decided to make a forum for muslim women that come from all over the world  it took a little while to get it to the way i wanted and have now put it out their 


so far so good  it has been up and running for about three days now and i`m happy with it ... so if your interested drop by ... even if your not muslim and wish to know more about islam  we do have an islamic section

but their is one thing ... this forum is for women only .. we will not allow men on ... the reason for this is so our members can relax and no that they can talk about anything

Saturday, April 9, 2011

a new home

so after throwing it around in my head i decided to change over my blog to blogger as i prefer the layout better... and now i`m happy

so while doing that i decided that i wanted an easy day and could be bother to do much cook ... with my hubby not around i can take it a little easier

so all i did was put some chicken in the oven with black pepper, salt, thyme and i cut up some onions, garlic and tomato and potatoes and drizzled over a little oil and placed wedges of lemon as well

and covered with tin foil when nearly finished take the tin foil off to allow to brown

Saturday, April 2, 2011

home is where the heart is

so it`s been a while since my last post  ... well what has happened ..... i`ll tell you.....


the kids are on holidays from school with today being the last day of them ... so we will be back to a school time routine .... yayyy for me ... not ....


well while we had the holidays my dad came to visit for 6 days which really wasnt enough but that was all the holiday tome he had left .... so how did it go ..... it was great and he loved it over here  .... he could speak no arabic  but ppl understood him and really liked him ... even enough to give him some free things ... believe me that made his day ....... he loved the country and insha`allah will come back next year for two weeks


but one of the great things was for me being able to cook some home cooking things that i grew up with as the rest of my family dont like it as it is to do with gravy  .... so what did i make well it`s mince with carrots and peas and onion .. black pepper ..salt ....and thyme and a stock cube and when really cook you add gravy to it to make it a little thick .... this is eaten with mash spuds ...... msha`allah it was like a dream for me and soooo tasty ...... and masha`allah i can make it more often as he brought me a never ending supply of gravy powder and granules



i also made some soda bread which i do make often but this was the first time i have made it for one of my family .... masha`allah he loved it .... but only managed a small piece as the kids went to hound on it