Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what have i been up to

wow it has been a busy few weeks with kids back to school and my dh not here ..... it can take up alot of time but alhamdu`lilah

so what have i been up to.... well i decided to make a forum for muslim women that come from all over the world  it took a little while to get it to the way i wanted and have now put it out their 


so far so good  it has been up and running for about three days now and i`m happy with it ... so if your interested drop by ... even if your not muslim and wish to know more about islam  we do have an islamic section

but their is one thing ... this forum is for women only .. we will not allow men on ... the reason for this is so our members can relax and no that they can talk about anything


  1. Mabrouk on the new beautiful forum :)

  2. assalamu alaykum

    mashaAllah, didn't know about the forum. Hope everything is fine inshaAllah!

  3. jazak`allah khair sis ... all is well and how are you doing sweety

  4. Salam alaykom,

    I can't believe I am reading this now :O Inshallah I am sooo signing up :D I know I will like the admin :D

  5. As Salamu Alaikum ukhti Filla,

    I love your Blog you are a real homemaker and i can't wait to try out some of your recipes Ma Shaa Allah tabarakAllah!

    May Allah reward you abundantley.

  6. wa alikum asalam sis .....awww jazak`allah khair for the lovely comment ...i think thats the first time someone has ever called me that ....thats so sweet of you ....i`m glad you like my blog ....so let us know if you try anything and how it turned out for you sis