Saturday, April 9, 2011

a new home

so after throwing it around in my head i decided to change over my blog to blogger as i prefer the layout better... and now i`m happy

so while doing that i decided that i wanted an easy day and could be bother to do much cook ... with my hubby not around i can take it a little easier

so all i did was put some chicken in the oven with black pepper, salt, thyme and i cut up some onions, garlic and tomato and potatoes and drizzled over a little oil and placed wedges of lemon as well

and covered with tin foil when nearly finished take the tin foil off to allow to brown


  1. Mabrouk on the new look !

    Mashaa Allah your dish looks delicious ! I am making sth like it today , whole chicken baked with onions, zucchiny and carrots. I add ground corriander too.

  2. masha`allah thats sounds good as well ... normally mine should be a bit browner but zina took it out before it was finished