so a little about me

well i`m an Irish revert to Islam and `i live in Algeria with my Dh and 4 kids , and i have never been more happier than i am now...... i`m a very easy going person ..... i do like to cook and baking not so much but as the years pass it is becoming important to do so 

life can have it`s ups and down ... but i think it`s best to look on the positive and just get on with it

i hope that you will enjoy reading my blog and that you might learn a little something on the way.... or even you might have a little advice for me too

i love comments and feed back so please do so as i dont bite

happy reading


  1. Salam alayi sister, nice t meet you. You live in Algeria! Wow. One of my close friend is marriage to an Algerian brother. She visited his country several years back and liked it mashaAllah. I am born and bred in UK and I have four kids too masha Allah! Look forward to getting to know you nshaAllah

    1. salam sanaa it`s nice to meet you too .... masha`allah on your firend ... i love it here in algeria .... you know i live in the uk for 6 years before i came here and every so often i do go back as my dad lives their .... jazak`allah khair for stopping by