Tuesday, October 4, 2011

my day to day

so it has been a couple of weeks since i wrote a post  .... so now my routine has changed again ......i have had to start budgeting and menu planning so this has changed the way i do things a little

i still get up at 6 and then after breakfast and bedrooms tidyed and 5the 2 year old dressed and feed it`s time to take the kids to school so by 8:15 i`m back i sit and have a cuppa and when thats finished i will get into the cleaning .... masha`allah by 10/ 10:30 i will be finished and when my hubby is here i will make some lunch unless i have something left over form the night before then i will heat that up and maybe make some small and light to go with it ... now on some days i will have to go back to the school to pick up the kids around 12 but most days it`s 4 .... so if i dont need to pick them up until four then i will feed those who need their lunch and after this clean up and start to prepare the dinner for the evening ... some time i will cook it through and other day i will half cook it and this depends on what is being cooked 

by four i will pick up the kids and once where home it`s straight into homework and studying and like this i will give dinner early and by 9pm all will be in bed and a sleep ...so were fresh to start all over again for the next day