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my day to day

so it has been a couple of weeks since i wrote a post  .... so now my routine has changed again ......i have had to start budgeting and menu planning so this has changed the way i do things a little

i still get up at 6 and then after breakfast and bedrooms tidyed and 5the 2 year old dressed and feed it`s time to take the kids to school so by 8:15 i`m back i sit and have a cuppa and when thats finished i will get into the cleaning .... masha`allah by 10/ 10:30 i will be finished and when my hubby is here i will make some lunch unless i have something left over form the night before then i will heat that up and maybe make some small and light to go with it ... now on some days i will have to go back to the school to pick up the kids around 12 but most days it`s 4 .... so if i dont need to pick them up until four then i will feed those who need their lunch and after this clean up and start to prepare the dinner for the evening ... some time i will cook it through and other day i will half cook it and this depends on what is being cooked 

by four i will pick up the kids and once where home it`s straight into homework and studying and like this i will give dinner early and by 9pm all will be in bed and a sleep were fresh to start all over again for the next day


  1. My goodness your day is so similar to mine in that it is all go go go. My studies have completely curtailed any sort of social life, even a coffee in town takes me away from valuable study time. I enjoyed reading your day to day activities, exhausting as they sound, as I am able to picture life in Algeria a bit better.

    By the way, can you please send me some sun? We haven't seen the sun on the west coast of Ireland for well over a week. Hard to picture that the day it didn't stop raining here in Cork, Dublin was having a heat wave & everyone was at the seaside! God Bless X

  2. oh no dolly no sun ... well we still have hot days but it is getting cooler .... so before it goes i will send it your way lol

    some woman have more to do in their day here ..especially if they make their own bread and stuff ....... but defiantly life is a little different here to what we do in ireland

  3. Cleaning and feeding the troops is defnately what dominates the day here. It's non stop from start to finish isn't it? lol

  4. oh well umm z you know just as well as me the ay things go ..... i even moved furniture around today which made extra work ....alhamdu`lilah for kids

  5. esalaam enchallah allah make it easy for you sister with the kids kisses henia

  6. Assalamalikum,
    I love to read on how other women spend their day. My routine is similar to yours.. except ofcourse my son and hubby both leave at 7.30 and they both come home for lunch at 1pm. that 6hr gap is torturous... i really feel so lost. Your blog is relaly nice... :)

  7. oh jazak`allah khair sis for the lovely comment and for stopping by ...... it is great to see what others do ... and my routine during school is nothing like when they have holidays ...your probably the same sis

  8. I hope your rain isn't too bad down there? After all it could never be worse than Irish non-stop rain....could it?

    I have decided to begin blogging again, though I have made a few changes. Just so that you know Dolly/Joanna are one and the same hahaha
    God Bless

  9. Forgot to say I hope you and your loved ones have a good Eid. I know it is imminent for you and can imagine you are very busy getting ready.

    For me, it is All Saints Day and a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics to attend Mass. Then tonight I fly home to London for a few days (it is midterm break). Can't wait to see everyone.

    God Bless

  10. oh jazak`allah khair joanna for dropping in i`m so happy that you`ve decided to blog again ... i will be on the watch out .... well as you say the rain well it`s raining now but now to bad .... but it will look like that our eid will be a wet one

    i hope you have a great break and enjoy yourself


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