Monday, July 30, 2012

Relax and bake

Masha`allah .... allah has blessed me with the husband i have and the family i have

so i bet your wondering why i`m saying this a.... well let me tell you .... at the beginning or ramadan i tolad my dh i wasnt going down the same ramadan road of cooking cooking that ramadan iant about that and masha`allah he agreed.... so i tld him that things will be simple and not too much

well masha`allah thats how it has happened .... usually on my table we would have borak  and pizza as well as other things like the chourba ... and if it wasnt borak then some sort of pies .... well this year i have done one item every day so one day borak day pizza.... one day pies ... you see how it goes

so a few days ago i had no cooking and decided that i would treat everybody and thats what i did ... i made apple tart some biscuits and these wonderful stuffed bread rolls

 I started by making the apple tart and found that i had messed up the ingredients by adding sugar to the recipe so i thought theirs no way i`m wasting that so i thought that i would just bake them and see if anyone will eat them ... well i have to say they went down a treat

Recipe For Biscuits

8oz flour
4oz marg
4oz sugar
cold water to bring it to a dough

now my kids tell me that i should reduce the amount of sugar for the next time so insha`allah maybe you should do the same

Recipe For Apple Tart 

8oz flour
4oz marg

cold water to bring it to a dough

some sugar and apples to fill the base .

These are the stuffed bread rolls i mentioned ... and these were a real surprise masha`allah .... i was told about them by my friend as she was/is making them .... the recipe comes form here

I know they dont look the same as the pic of the original recipe ...  but not far off .... these we will be making again

so enjoy your time in the kitchen and do share what you have made 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pitta Bread

So here`s another one for you using the same recipe as my stuffed bread and bread rolls i made pitta bread

Now this is the second time i made them .... the first time was with just brown flour ...but i found that it was too heavy so this time around i mixed both brown and white together and masha`allah it was defiantly much better and lighter

I`m defiantly liking the way they turned out and will be making them alot more even when the kids go back to school as they can be used for everything

I aslo think that us buying bread form out side will be reduced alot too.... which is good as i hate waste ans sometimes depending on whats cooked the bread doesnt get eaten

So what do you think......

Enjoy your Ifter today and may allah accept all of your fast

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bread rolls

So with ramdan in full swing and everything is going to plan masha`allah i though that  it was time to learn to make a few new things one o those was bread rolls

so i took the recipe form here which is my stuffed bread and increased the amount .... which is you can double of triple the amount it`s really  up to you ... i actually just eye balled it

i also added some brown flour to it to  and masha`allah i was impressed by how well they turned out .... i would imagine that you could stuffed these too

So what do you think... not bad looking ... and masha`allah they taste real good too

Monday, July 23, 2012

My friends stuffed bread

So i want to be able to try new things this ramadan .... so sitting here and trying to think what i could make for iftar ..... then i remembered i needed to make some bread .... but what to do ... then i also remembered my Friend  stuffed bread  and always wanted to try it so that what i have done

here`s how mine turned out

  so what do you think .......and now the inside

Right i think i should have written the recipe fo you so here it is but you can also get it from the link which is coloured under the name friend

150ml tepid water
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1tsp oil
259g flour
1 1/4 tsp instant yeast

as for the amount of water i just eyed it till it came together

just knead together and allow it to rise and then poll it out to your require amount ... but if you go to the blog of my friend you will even see pics their 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

weight loss

salam wa alikum bloggers

it has been to long since i wrote let me tell you what i have been doing ... i have started a new chapter in my life which is losing weight masha`allah far i have lost nearly 24 kilo and i`m so pleased with this .... i still have a long way to go

with ramadan approaching to i`m hoping that i can get the best of it both spiritually and physically

Spiritually in learning new duas and trying to memories a new ayah everyday as well as the reading of the mushaf

Physically ... i will keep with my diet and exercise and hope that i will have good rewards at the end of it

In case any of you are interested these are some of the videos i use to help me lose the weight

also these i mix and match but have in the end tended to stay with just the tae bo and the videos by denise austin

so insha`allah i will keep you update as to how my journey is going