Wednesday, July 18, 2012

weight loss

salam wa alikum bloggers

it has been to long since i wrote let me tell you what i have been doing ... i have started a new chapter in my life which is losing weight masha`allah far i have lost nearly 24 kilo and i`m so pleased with this .... i still have a long way to go

with ramadan approaching to i`m hoping that i can get the best of it both spiritually and physically

Spiritually in learning new duas and trying to memories a new ayah everyday as well as the reading of the mushaf

Physically ... i will keep with my diet and exercise and hope that i will have good rewards at the end of it

In case any of you are interested these are some of the videos i use to help me lose the weight

also these i mix and match but have in the end tended to stay with just the tae bo and the videos by denise austin

so insha`allah i will keep you update as to how my journey is going 

1 comment:

  1. mashallah looks like you've done really well... inshallah you will see even more difference during ramadhan ameen.
    have a happy Ramadhan inshallah xxx