Friday, July 27, 2012

Pitta Bread

So here`s another one for you using the same recipe as my stuffed bread and bread rolls i made pitta bread

Now this is the second time i made them .... the first time was with just brown flour ...but i found that it was too heavy so this time around i mixed both brown and white together and masha`allah it was defiantly much better and lighter

I`m defiantly liking the way they turned out and will be making them alot more even when the kids go back to school as they can be used for everything

I aslo think that us buying bread form out side will be reduced alot too.... which is good as i hate waste ans sometimes depending on whats cooked the bread doesnt get eaten

So what do you think......

Enjoy your Ifter today and may allah accept all of your fast


  1. they look fantastic mashallah!!!
    you're doing such a good job on the bread front!

  2. Jazak`allah khair umm z ... i`m really enjoying making them

  3. delicious pita bread looks wonderful