Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bread rolls

So with ramdan in full swing and everything is going to plan masha`allah i though that  it was time to learn to make a few new things one o those was bread rolls

so i took the recipe form here which is my stuffed bread and increased the amount .... which is you can double of triple the amount it`s really  up to you ... i actually just eye balled it

i also added some brown flour to it to  and masha`allah i was impressed by how well they turned out .... i would imagine that you could stuffed these too

So what do you think... not bad looking ... and masha`allah they taste real good too


  1. mashallah they look lovely and soft...I'm wondering if I should get you to pick me up some brown flour next time you go?


  2. i`ll do one better for you send one of the kids and `ll give you some ...jazak`allah khair umm z ... they were lovely and soft