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Growing families

Assalamu Alakium

So its been nearly a month since the birth of my second grandchild  and wow has it been hectic ... his big sister is nearly 2 and such a handful , i find this generation of kids are different to when i grew up or even to when i had my kids .... 
So far what we have dealt with is the boy having to have numerous blood test done due to jaundice , its amazing as to the level it gets to in order to have these tests done ... alhamdu lilah everything was fine but still as the yellow is still in he eyes he had to go for a prolong jaundice test to make sure its nothing to do with the liver so now we wait for the results

Im in such awe with this little fellow to the point that when he cries and does this special thing with his bottom lip i find my heart breaks and all i want to do is pick him up and cuddle him and then he does it a second time and  find tears coming into my eyes ,,,,ive become one of those soppy grandmothers lol,,,

But really life is good and these kids are a …
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new beginnings

When i started this blog i never knew what i was really going to post . i started out with doing posts about food but when on a budget their really is only so much you can post about then theirs the hobbies i had which was crocheting but also stopped for a while i did take it up again and started on a new blanket for my grandson to be pics will come once im done . then the family grew kids are all much older now .my son is 22 and doing well in his studies . and my daughters well as i said before one of my daughters got married and has been for over 2 years now she had her first baby in January 2018 and now is due her second who at this time is 4 days over due .

so now that the family has grown time to change the way i post . i hope to do more cooking but also take about life as a grandmother too and the differences between me raising my kids and the way my daughter and her husband may choose to raise their i know their will be a few opinions going back and forth but i see that as lif…

Back again

Assalamu Alakium

It has been along time since i posted  with life and all the general things that go on in it , it took all my time , but i believe i need to get back to blogging again . i will not just be posting about the dishes i made but about life in general and any hobbies i do too . since i last posted one of my daughters got married and is now having her second baby which makes me a grandmother so life has changed and now i can post about the little things they do too . so im looking forward to seeing and hraring from you all too

New things to learn

Asalamu alikum 

I'm back and ready to go ... things have changed and i started to learn some new recipes so i think it is a great time to start posting again 
so what have i learned well the first thing is algerian bread called motula

3 bowl of flour 1 bowl of seomlina 3 tbsp yeast 6 tbsp of sugar 3 tbsp of salt  and around 2 bowls or warm water may need more 
my next post i will take pics of every stage of making the dough 
the bread above is made on the tajinn but you call also make it in the oven your oven must be very hot 

A year has past

Asalamu alikum

alot has happen this last year we moved into our new home and even tho we moved it isnt finished but alhamdu lilah i love it ..

we have all turn a year older and my daughter seems to have gotten the baking bug and love making caked this is one of hers .. it is a simple sponge cake in fact it is 3 cut in to half and a coloring added to each ..she made a cream to place between each and then when assembled she covered it with cream and then place  fondant over  it and decorate it

she did this when we held the monthly meeting in my home and it went down a treat

since then she has been experimenting in the kitchen .... and i will hopefully post some of her creations here to show you 

The crusty is 
2 cups of flour  10grms of baking powder  a picnch of salt and sugar  half cup of oil  and water to bring it together 
the dough can be placed into the fridge for about a half hour  this dough is very similar to a quiche crust  .. the filling can be anything you like

Plans are sometimes broken

Asalamu Alikum 
Subhan Allah i had such plans for my blog in ramadan and was so looking forward to it as i was enjoying posting again ... and then my hubby says that were ok to the uk for a few weeks which went on for the whole of ramadan and eid which i didnt enough ...but Alhamdu lilah i back in dz and rearing to go ... so stay tuned

Pizza Roll

Asalamu Alikum

For months my oven hasn't worked and all of a sudden it was working again so the first thing i made was pizza roll ... while doing this i was teaching my daughter my 13 year old how to do this as my 15 year old already knows how to
this is basically the samr as the homemade pizza i make only the sauce is a little different ... all i do is use tomato puree and add spices of my choice and then i thin it out to make it easier to spread it is roll out like normal pizza here is my recipe for that
you can add any topping and then just take the side and roll the dough till it's like a log ... then cut into rounds and place on tray ... i will add cheese on top as well as the cheese that is inside
and then bake for about 15 to 20 mins