Thursday, September 15, 2011

Carrot and Courgette Fritters

Sometimes it is so hard to find things to put on the table and especially when some of your kids are a little fussy ....also i hate to throw out veg that might start to go off a little because they didnt get used  ....till just recently when my friend was here and mentioned that she made some carrot and courgette fritters and that all her family loved it ..... now the amazing thing was that i had been browsing for a while and a few of the sites i came across had the courgette fritters and i really wanted to try them but i was afraid  that they would not be eaten and i would end up throwing them out ... but after listen to my friend i decided to biet the bullet and masha`allah i`m so happy i did ... they have become a favorite in my house so much that dh loves them too ... now i couldnt remember exactly what my friend added to her but i made mine like this

2 big courgettes
About 4/5 carrots (this depends on size )
2 eggs
about 3 tbsp of flour .. (you can add more if you feel the need)
black pepper
and 1 small onion

all you do is grate carrots and courgettes and if you like place in a cloth and squeeze out the water form them.... then dice the onion really small add your eggs and flour along with the pepper and salt and mix well

then all you have to do is fry them ...

NOTE: when placing the spoon full amounts into the oil dont press them down leave them as they are ....

and thats it simple and easy and yummmmyyy ... go on give it a try


  1. MashAllah this looks yummy and easy enough for me, I'll have to give it a try. Looks like it would be a great thing to pack for my daughter's snack time at preschool.

  2. oh yes it is very easy and you could dd garlic to it too and play around with it .... and yes it`s even nice cold so i think it would be great for your daughter too ....jazak`allah khair for stopping by

  3. I will definitely give these a go, perfect snack food for a vegetarian thank you! Many years ago I lived in the south of Italia, and the people there don't eat a lot of meat (compared to the Irish & English!) and my friend's mother made something similar without the carrots. I loved them so much, she would make them often...just for me :)

  4. oh masha`allah dolly ... it was kate that gave me this recipe and i know you can also make it with just the courgettes

  5. Assalamu aleikum

    Did this one as well!! Dh loved it and for me is the main thing as he is a fussy eater.
    I loved them too.
    Once again thanks for your ideas.


    1. oh masha`allah aisha ... this is great .... they can also be done just with courgettes and without the carrots ... or one day we had very little veg left so i ended up doing the carrots and courgettes and potatoes and they were lovely too masha`allah