Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chicken and Parsley

Many years ago i was in my friends house and she was making this dish and masha`allah when i tasted it i though yummmmy when i went home a little later i tried it and everyone loved it ... i have used it over the years but of lately forgot all about it til today i was sitting in my kitchen thinking what to cook tonight especially after dh bringing  me my shopping and also having that friend drop in to me today too ... so what did i make you ask well it is a djuezzes with chicken and potatoes and parsley

so first of all i marinated my chicken with onion.... black pepper ...salt.... cumin.... and razel hanout (all spice). and parsley ... i left this for about a hour then place it into the pan and fried it until chicken is colored at this stage i add a little water and allow to come to the boil then adding a little more water i add the potatoes and allow to come back to the boil and leave simmer  keeping an eye on the sauce and not allowing it to dry out .... by the end i add a little extra parsley and leave it for about 5 mins ... turn off the heat and thats it ... masha`allah very simple and tasty


  1. flavourful looking chicken maashallah

  2. Thank you so much I have found what we are going to have for dinner, your chicken sounds and looks wonderful, wish me luck that mine turns out.

  3. oh lovely i hope it turns out well ... please do tell us