Thursday, June 9, 2011

The bug is back

after a long time away form crocheting .... the bug is back and i`m all geared up again....... as you will have seen i have finished one cardi and now the other

and from this i have started another but this time i am reading from a pattern as i do find them a little hard to get around but masha`allah with the help of umm z (kate) my friend i`m doing it stay tuned for that

and at the same time i will insha`allah make a hat to go with the cardi`s and a blamket for the orange cardi as a gift for my neighbor who is due her baby september /october


  1. awww mashaa Allah Anisa , this is so beautiful and excellent made :) Greta Job !

  2. jazak`allah khair lina and it`s so easy .... now i`m going another but form a pattern and made slightly different

  3. Assalamoa alikum,

    MashaAllah it's beautiful, I crocheted my first baby jacket from the link you posted ages ago and it's much faster than knitting. I must go back to it myself inshaAllah

  4. masha`allah sis ummabdu ... great work well this is the same on just a different kind of wool