Monday, June 13, 2011

spice it up

i`m not one for really spicy food i do like curry's but the really hot ones i just cant eat ... but every so often i do like to have some spice in  my life and today is that day what on the menu ...well let me tell you

it curried green beans and meat  and salad

so how this i cook it ...let me tell you

cubes of meat
spices( black pepper , salt, cumin. cinnamon, coriander  , turmeric ,saffron, ginger, and a little curry powder )
green beans

i saute the garlic and onion first then add the meat and allow to brown then add the spices and all this done on a low heat .... then add some water  and allow to cook when half way through add your green beans  and let it finishing to cook ...keep checking on the level of water and top up when needed ..towards the end add a little tomato puree to allow it to thicken ... the amount of time for cooking depends on how you like your meat ... i like mine to fall apart ......enjoy.

so what planned for the rest of the day ....well i`m crocheting two items  one cardi and a blanket  so i will rotate between the two and the dinner will be made in the evening i think we will make cauliflower and cheese and some salad

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