Thursday, June 23, 2011


well after a long time of thinking and saying that i would i have finally made a quiche  i got the recipe form my friend nicola  who i think is an amazing cook

the only thing i did was i put onion and cheese in my mixture as that is what i had and i didnt have cream so i used just milk but added extra egg to compensate

well the verdict ...... yummmmy .....

my kids actually thought i had bought it as it was so good and very like the ones i use to but in the uk .... but here in algeria their are none

so now we have a new item to cook in ramadan and my dh should be happy as he love light things like this in ramadan


  1. Assalaamu alaikum

    I don't have cream today either; what did you do? Did you use the 60ml of milk instead of cream as I mentioned in the recipe and one extra egg? 4 eggs instead of 3?

  2. yes i did nicola just added an extra egg and some milk to the eggs