Monday, June 6, 2011

popping popcorn

so after a busy morning between taking kids to school and then having to go back after just an hour so so as they are doing exams and once finished they are let out for the rest of the day

then the house needs to be clean ... so everybody had something to do ..... and in order to get this done telly must be off and not switched on till everything is done this time lunch must be made and then clean up after this ... so you can see it is a busy morning ... so what do we do in the after noon well i like to relax a little if i can and today is a rainy day so what better than to make popcorn

so out comes the pot and this is the first time i have thought my girls to make it ....all you need id the popcorn seeds and butter ... oil... and salt ...... and place on the heat ... until it starts to pop half way through turn the heat down a littl so as to not burn the bottom of the pan .... and their you have it a big bowl of popcorn to sit down with and watch a little telly before having to get up and make dinner

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