Sunday, July 3, 2011


 So last year i was introduced to these turkish pies and we love them ... especially in ramadan as it`s a nice change to borak all the time ..... now i`m not sure where my friend got her recipe form but masha`allah it is great

this can be made many ways and the filling can be different to it can be savory or sweet it`s really up to you

Makes 24 POGACA


* white of 1 egg
* 3/4 up of vegetable oil
* 1 cup of plain yogurt
* 1/3 tsp of baking soda
* 1 tsp of salt
* 3 cups of all purpose flour (approx )


* feta or cream cheese


* yolk of 1 egg


In a big mixing bowl, take egg white and whisk.
Add vegetable oil, yogurt, baking soda, nigella seeds, salt and mix.
Add flour slowly and knead. Continue adding flour until the dough reaches soft consistency.
Take a small piece of dough ( about the size of a walnut ) and make it flat with your palms.
Place 1 tsp of feta cheese or cream cheese in the middle of the dough and close it up. brush with
egg yolk and bake at 350f till golden
we use the spinach and mince mixture in ours, or cheddar cheese mixed with a handful of parsley and an egg
(a raw egg beaten into the cheese)



  1. Essalam Alaikum, These look great! I love to change from boureks every day. Insha'allah I will give these a try this Ramadan.

  2. wa alikum asalam sis

    oh do try them their great and so light and tasty especially even the weither is warm when fasting

  3. Salam Sister, I was surprised to see this recipe called POGACA, which is a Hungarian savoury pastry. As you mentioned you don`t know where your friend got it from.. so I guess maybe from Hungary? :) It is spellt `pogacsa` and pronounced `poughacha`. But at the same time we have quite a few dishes that are similar to Turkish dishes... I made it for my Algerian in-laws, and they loved it. What I made was different to yours, they are usually round, and mine was made from cooked potatoes. When I have time I`ll post the recipe insha Allah. I`ll just discovered your blog, I hope I`ll find some good Algerian recipes that I can learn.

  4. wa alikum asalam sis umm ammar

    jazak`allah khair for stopping by ... i did aske my friend who also has a blog ( and lives here in algeria and she said that she got the basics form this blog My turkish kitchen (

    it is amazing that so many recipes come form different parts of the world but yet are very similar too .... i would love to read your recipe and maybe learn a new way of doing it