Thursday, July 7, 2011

fresh from the sea

so now summer is here it`s time for sardines .... every morning you will here the local men going around with their carts filled with sardines and all you will here is ya sardine... ya sardine ......

today was one of those day and most of the time it can be expensive to buy but at this time of the year masha`allah the price has come down ...... so today was sardines

every home has it`s way of cooking and making sardines ...... it can be made in a red sauce with garlic ... or cleaned and spice thrown over it and then coated in semolina or flour ...... i personally prefer flour and so does my dh .... so in my house today we  pu black pepper ... cumin.... and rasel hanout ( which is a mixture of spice ) ... salt .... and garlic ....   and tomato puree .....quantities  all depends on how much sardine you are using

now even with all that their is no such thing as waste ... in my dh family they dont like to throw away the flour that they coated the sardines in so they will ad a little extra spice and salt and mix with a little flour and make  kissera and the fry that once the sardines have been fried


  1. Ma sha Allah I love fresh sardines. And my first sounds in Algeria were morning shouts of "ayya sardina sardine!" :)

  2. subhan`allah sis ... even at 7:30 in the morning you will hear them