Sunday, July 3, 2011


so here in algeria their are many types of dolma  the one i make the most is with potato and courgettes

and when i make it i know for sure my kids will eat it

it can be made with chickpeas or with green peas  it`s really up to you

so for a family of 6 i use  1 courgette to 2 potatoes


12 small potatoes
6 courgette
handful of chick peas or peas
1 small onion
black pepper

 Filling to stuff
mince meat
a handful of rice
black pepper

first prepare courgettes and potato by hollowing out the insides .... the courgettes the hole goes right through so you can see form both ends and the potato just half way down  then  taking the filling that you have mixed together and place a little in each of the courgettes and potatoes

dice  onion finely place in saucepan  with a little oil and soften them then add some of the inside bits of  the veg with it and continue to soften

 add chick peas if using peas dont add till later

add spices and continue for a few minutes

then add some water and allow to cook for about 5 min

at this stage you place all the veg in the pot and if more water is needed add and allow to cook on a medium heat until their soft and cooked .... if your using peas then half way through the cooking add your peas

sometimes their will be a little mince left over just roll into little balls and place in the sauce to cook along with the veg

insha`allah you will enough this


  1. I love Dolma! Masha'allah yours looks yummy!

  2. awww jazak`allah khair sis that so sweet