Friday, July 22, 2011

apple tart

as a child i use to love when my mum would make apple tart ..... and she never made just one ... it was a;ways 2 or 3 ... but by the next morning their would never be any left

the years have passed and i have always wanted to make for my kids but i`m not a baker ... but masha`allah since coming to algeria and joining a few forums i have picked up a few tips form ppl ....

so i was given this website which is the same web site i used to make the cheese wedges and i have grown very found of it

oh this really did bring back memories ... and especially  with ice-cream beside it

so why not give it a try ...... yummmmmyy


  1. i love apple tarts! Thanks to you I will be motivated to make some for my kids as well, as this one looks delicious!

  2. I love any apple desserts and will be making some in October or November (waiting for Fall apple season here). Thanks for following me and adding me to your blog list!

  3. oh thank you ladies for your lovely comments i`m so happy that i can help in getting you moving to make apple tarts

    yes i was very delicious!

    and your so welcoming i really like both blogs ladies