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Pocasi/ split green pea soup

Asalamu alikum Well it sure has been a long time since i posted so i thought let me share this Pocasi recipe with you while i remember This soup is made from split green peas first i wash the peas and then add them to my pot (i used a pressure cooker) i added onion ... garlic..... i diced up carrots ...courgettes...and potato into  really small bits and added to the pot i also added black pepper....salt ...cumin...and razel hanut.... fill with water and placed lid on  and allowed to cook about 30 to 40 mins in total ... then let the pressure out and open then  stir.... if you need more water add and allow to cook towards the end add some tomato puree and allow to thicken up a little .... when i make this i do not use oil and i should say that this type of soup will continue to thicken and even the next day you will need to add more water to thin out ... but masha`allah is a really nice soup

French Laof

Asalam wa alikum So as you know i`m not really one for baking ... but when a good recipe comes my way i must tell you about it I have had this recipe for a while and never got around to trying it so as i was making my muffin bread i thought let me try this one ... Its a french loaf and so simple and easy 2 cups of water (warm) 2 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp of yeast instant 2 tbsp of salt ... i felt it was a bit too much so i reduced it to 1 2 tbsp of oil (veg) 5 cups of flour mix well and knead dough then allow to rise punch back the dough then place on a tray allow to rise again and place in a hot oven it takes about 20 mins or so and masha`allah what a lovely bread we toasted it and had butter and jam for breakfeast enjoy and let me know how it works out

REVIEW: Muffin Bread

Asalam wa alikum so every so often i will try out a recipe that has been posted so this time  i have tried this one  Being Kate  ( Muffin Bread ) and masha`allah what a hit .... easy to make and easy to bake the only thing for me was the size of my tin and the bread didnt come up over the top when rising   so i would need to add maybe a little more flour and liquid but over all masha allah this will become a favorite i think so go try it and let her know how you got on

So whats for afternoon tea

Asalam wa alikum So whats for afternoon tea ...well let me tell you .... after 9 years of living here i still dont know the names of a few thing and this is one of them .... what i call it is Algeria`a version of french toast with sugar.... even to say french toast might be wrong but when i was growing up and was doing cooking in school that was one of the things we were taught but not with the sugar so all you need is some stale bread i try not to buy to much bread these days as it doesnt get eaten to much ... my family seems to prefer when i make pitta bread anyway what you needis stale bread (we use french stick) eggs sugar oil to fry it in and thats it ...easy huh!!! just cut the french stick into rounds as big as you like dip it in the eggs that also has a little milk in it then fry once finished ... dip straight into sugar and presto chango!!!! enjoy with what ever takes your fancy

An Amazing Project

 Salam all i have a friend who is doing an amazing project she is trying to get reverts and those muslim that maybe had problems and then came back to the fold of islam to tell their stories the moment she is doing it on her blog which is called http:// /2012/09/ attention-looking-for-reverts-r e-guided.html and when she has enough she will start another blog just for this purpose .. insha`allah what she`s doing will help those who are new muslim and /or help those who are lost and trying to find their way back .... please ladies help her to achieve her goal ..... jazak`allah khair

Croissant Brioche

Masha`allah today i had a really good afternoon ....and it brighten my day as dh is away and i was feeling a little low Thanks to my friends Being Kate and kazzy and even better than that was the learning of something new to give my kids for their breaks  for school so what did i learn well Croissant brioche  masha`allah they were wonderful so soft and light and before they were gone cos believe me they didn't last very long i remembered to take a photo it was the last 2 that were left but better than nothing 4 1/2 cups of flour 2 tbsp of yeast 2tbsp of sugar 2 tsp of salt 2 eggs mixed 1/4 a cup of butter (melted) 1 and 1/4 cups of milk (warm) mix both butter and milk together and then temper the eggs to it 1 bar of chocolate dark then add wet ingredients to dry and mix and knead you may need to add xtra flour till the dough is soft and not sticky allow to rise for about 45mins then punch out .. half the dough into 2 balls and then roll out into a circl

Sweetcorn Fritters

So as you know kids are well and truly back in school and home life has gotten quieter .... in my house this is a change and the biggest change is having the kids come home for their lunch everyday before their were in private school and got fed their I must admit i like it ... it keeps me on my toes and gives me bak the routine i use to have so it`s all good For lunch i do like to give them something lite as i do like the idea of them going back to school and feeling heavy and not giving their full attention to the teacher  So i made these sweetcorn fritters ... these i had last year in my friends house and loved them ... and i had made them a few times and then stopped ...and really forgot about them till just now .... their easy and tasty 1 tin of sweetcorn small onion diced really small some parsely black  pepper and salt 2 eggs take small spoon fulls and drop in to hot oil and dont press them down then once cooked eat as you please .... i pla

Another Djuezzes

So yes once again another djuezzes .... one of the thing i love about algeria that one name can mean so many things So what djuezzes did i make ... well it`s a mince meat balls in a red sauce with carrots and peas ... the carrots are diced and the spices used are black pepper , cumin, salt . and paprika ... i also use carwia  and garlic then i cut some potatoes in rounds and fried them and that`s it i was first introduced to this by a friend and in her husband family they would put chilli in it to make it hot ... now masha`allah i love it that way ... but my kids aren't too fond of it  In my husband family they make something similar but the carrots are cut in circles and they dont but chilli or paprika in it or even carwia ... but when i make it i do  they also dont use garlic but i do .. this is how it looks


Being on a budget mean i have to think of way to feed my kids and now that they go to public school i now have to start to give them something for break time ... i`m not much of a baker and i hold my hand up to that ... so i try to find things that are simple enough and dont cost too much money to make and the kids will like so broiche is what i thought i would try today .... i have been wanting to try this for a long time and finally i did i got the recipe form my friend  but what i did is join two of them together  so from this one  and this one and this is what i came up with so what do you think ?

Back to Planning

So it has come to it ... Back to menu Planning and tightening the purse string a bit  especially with the kids back to school on sunday and they will now be coming home for lunch so i need to be more orgnaised .. So over the last few day thats what i have been doing i made my menu plan for the week and masha`allah so far so good i have stayed on track I was told about this dish form my friend Being Kate and masha`allah i could believe ow simple and tasty it was and also how one piece of a chicken breast could be stretched and still everybody have some so yes it is a pasta dish .... made in a bachemal sauce but without the butter and the chicken is poached in some chicken stock and then shredded it went down a treat masha`allah so this will be used again ... jazak`allah khair umm z


So now with the kids back to school i have to try to make extra things so as to fill their tums and one of those things is Msmem now i have made these a few time but always had a little problem with them ... so i started to research them and found a youtube video on them and masha`allah was a difference it is measurement are totally up to each person for what i made today ... i used 1 bowl of semolina fine and 1 bowl of flour and salt and mixed with water but i followed some of the ways of this video ‫


So this is oe of the cakes i made for eid .... now i`ll let you in a secret this is the second time i made them The first time they didnt have the fullness like these one do ... but according to my dh and kids they tasted great The problem the first time was i added to much egg white to the nut mixture and they to help firm it i kept adding sugar well that was all wrong so this time around masha`allah i`m so pleased that it worked out ... and even better their my dh favorite type of cake ... so i can see him come home every so often with almonds for making them The recipe for this was given to me by my neighbour Nut Mixture 3 bowls of almonds (this works out about 1/2 kilo of almonds) and these were place in machine to powder them down 1 bowl of icing sugar vanilla/lemon egg whites .( it will depend on the mixture as to how much you use ... i ended up using a little over two) Pastry 3 bowls of flour 1 bowl of melted butter/margarine vanilla/lemon mazhar

Eid Mubarak

Salam Wa Alikum Eid Mubrak to all .... i know it`s a bit late ..... but between the end of ramadan and now i have been busy ... and even now still fasting the 6 days of shawal Anyway insha`allah i hope each and everyone of you got the best of both in ramadan and eid and insha`allah what you have achieved in ramadan will continue for you through out the year too

A few Days Left

Subhan`allah theirs only and few day left and thats another ramadan finished ... i have to say it went too quick I hope each and everyone of you have manged to get what you wanted form this blessed month and that it will continue  for you into the next year and it will make you stronger in your deen Now normally half way through ramadan i get to a stage where i get fed up and dont know what to cook ... but this year masha`allah it only happened today .... and these are the days i love that my dh can cook when he wants and he takes over the kitchen . so what did he make ..... well the pic says it all this is a fish dish but can also be done with chicken  and any kind of fish ... i asked dh what fish this was he sai merlin ... but not sure about that anyway the sauce was made by grating onion and garlic and frying in a little oil on a low heat ... while thats been done take some tomatoes and place in a bleander with some black pepper and salt and thyme and then blend.

Half Way Their

So  masha`allah we have reached the half way mark in ramadan and how are we feeling about it all well i have to say good masha`allah ...have i managed to reach the goals i set for myself ... not all of them but i`m getting their masha`allah do i think i can do more........ well i think we always can do more .... we should never settle as we ourselves dont know weither what we have done is enough or not One thing i can say is that this ramadan i have concentrated more on my salat and feel at ease and so calm while praying as well as learning some new duas  tomorrow i will have a day to relax as i have made enough food to last the two days so no cooking for me so i will take this time to try to learn some quran My son whos my eldest goes to the masjid everyday and is about to start his 5th hisbh of the quran and masha`allah i`m so proud of him as well as my girls they also do quran but only once a week as their been thought by a female teacher who can only manage once a

Relax and bake

Masha`allah .... allah has blessed me with the husband i have and the family i have so i bet your wondering why i`m saying this a.... well let me tell you .... at the beginning or ramadan i tolad my dh i wasnt going down the same ramadan road of cooking cooking that ramadan iant about that and masha`allah he agreed.... so i tld him that things will be simple and not too much well masha`allah thats how it has happened .... usually on my table we would have borak  and pizza as well as other things like the chourba ... and if it wasnt borak then some sort of pies .... well this year i have done one item every day so one day borak day pizza.... one day pies ... you see how it goes so a few days ago i had no cooking and decided that i would treat everybody and thats what i did ... i made apple tart some biscuits and these wonderful stuffed bread rolls    I started by making the apple tart and found that i had messed up the ingredients by adding sugar to

Pitta Bread

So here`s another one for you using the same recipe as my stuffed bread and bread rolls i made pitta bread Now this is the second time i made them .... the first time was with just brown flour ...but i found that it was too heavy so this time around i mixed both brown and white together and masha`allah it was defiantly much better and lighter I`m defiantly liking the way they turned out and will be making them alot more even when the kids go back to school as they can be used for everything I aslo think that us buying bread form out side will be reduced alot too.... which is good as i hate waste ans sometimes depending on whats cooked the bread doesnt get eaten So what do you think...... Enjoy your Ifter today and may allah accept all of your fast

Bread rolls

So with ramdan in full swing and everything is going to plan masha`allah i though that  it was time to learn to make a few new things one o those was bread rolls so i took the recipe form here which is my stuffed bread and increased the amount .... which is you can double of triple the amount it`s really  up to you ... i actually just eye balled it i also added some brown flour to it to  and masha`allah i was impressed by how well they turned out .... i would imagine that you could stuffed these too So what do you think... not bad looking ... and masha`allah they taste real good too

My friends stuffed bread

So i want to be able to try new things this ramadan .... so sitting here and trying to think what i could make for iftar ..... then i remembered i needed to make some bread .... but what to do ... then i also remembered my Friend  stuffed bread  and always wanted to try it so that what i have done here`s how mine turned out     so what do you think .......and now the inside Right i think i should have written the recipe fo you so here it is but you can also get it from the link which is coloured under the name friend 150ml tepid water 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 1tsp oil 259g flour 1 1/4 tsp instant yeast as for the amount of water i just eyed it till it came together just knead together and allow it to rise and then poll it out to your require amount ... but if you go to the blog of my friend you will even see pics their 

weight loss

salam wa alikum bloggers it has been to long since i wrote let me tell you what i have been doing ... i have started a new chapter in my life which is losing weight masha`allah far i have lost nearly 24 kilo and i`m so pleased with this .... i still have a long way to go with ramadan approaching to i`m hoping that i can get the best of it both spiritually and physically Spiritually in learning new duas and trying to memories a new ayah everyday as well as the reading of the mushaf Physically ... i will keep with my diet and exercise and hope that i will have good rewards at the end of it In case any of you are interested these are some of the videos i use to help me lose the weight also these i mix and match but have


I just wanted to share this pic with you ... i think is say everything and such a great reminder


So i thought that i should every so often do a review on something that i have tried form other blogs and their recipes .... i think it`s a great way to let other know that it does work and tastes great so here`s one for you .... this recipe come form a very good friend of mine and her blog Being Kate Masha`allah we always make this type of food in out house but never thought to do it the way kate makes it so i thought lets try it and see Well masha`allah it was excellent  and looks so much better than the way most algerians do it ...which is by mixing in the eggg and keep mixing which by the end doesnt look very appealing here`s how it turned out for me I would defiantly recommend this  recipe and tell you to pop by kates blog and let her know weither you liked it too

Summer and all it`s comings

masha`allah clear skies and sunshine all around ...well thats the weather in algeria at the moment`s just nice not too warm yet .... and what come with this time of the year  Well for one the food changes no more big one pot stews as it gets too warm for that .... the prices of veg is coming down slowly but surely peppers are coming back into season ..even tho they are around most of the year ...but once the season for them hits they become cheap every home you pass will have the smell of peepers being cooked in one way or another so this is were the thinking cap come in as i now have to try to find light dinners to feed my family One of those dishes is Fish Cakes  and masha`allah they are going down a treat here even my dh likes them and place a big dish of salad beside them and were away to go These are light a filling and so easy and the quantity to use depends on the size and needs of your family for me i used just potatoes...... tuna..... parsley......

Childhood memories

Subhan`allah dont you just love when you come across something that reminds  you of your childhood and they way your family would sit and get together not like these day where their is so much going on that your never sure weither it will happen form day to day .... well masha`allah i had one of those day yesterday my lovely dad sent over some baked beans for us as even tho i`m told they are sold here but i havent seen them myself ...... so i decided to do an old fav of our family ..... very simple and just hits the spot ... i bet your wondering what it is ...well let me tell you BEANS ON TOAST WITH A FRIED EGG and to top it off some brown sauce over it ... well you can imagine what a lovely lunch we had and even dh ate it which is brilliant for me as he`s not one for ready made beans from a jar so hopefully we will be doing this again one day in the future so what is your childhood memory


In algeria we use alot of different spices and one in particular is carwia  also know as carvi or caraway ....i have asked many time my dh what exactly it is and he could never tell me    Caraway plant In my dh family their are a few good cooks and they always told me to  use carwia ... when using garlic and tomatoes as it goes hand in hand ... but smell it i knew it can be used alot more than that so i had to goolge it to find out exactly what it was a this is what i found  Carwia   the seeds can also be ground up  but dont leave for too long like most spices it will loose it fullness

Just Simple and Hits the Spot

After a couple of weeks of having the kids at home and my dad and dh being here too and the amount of cooking that got done ... you can well imagine when the kids are back at school and dh and my dad gone that i like to take it easy thats what i do .... and to have easy meals that take no time at all in cooking is what i look for i love all in ones that you can just place on a big plate and get stuck into so here we have some mince cooked with onion and garlic ... black pepper..salt...cumin... and carwia..... 2 tomatoes chopped and a little tomato puree cooked together adding a little water to help  and then when finished adding cooked pasta of your choice  and bring it together and enjoy ....... their is one lovely recipe i want to try courtesy of a friend  thats belong to a forum i`m on  and it looks really good it looks like a lasagne take a look  

Life in Diferent Directions

Isnt it amazing how your days just mange to slip away and then you sit down and think wow where did today go .... this has been happening alot lately ... it`s even amazing how the year passes by so quick well for us it has and i cant believe that it was nearly a year ago my dad came to visit and already coming again .... this week end he will be here for the second time ... but staying a little longer than before ...all the kids are so excited even the little one as she knows he has some gifts for her even this last month has been one for the books ... it has been busy and to say that with out my dh being here .... my son fractured his arm which meant that i needed to do more of the outside chores that he does for me and these days i would rather sit at home .... also the kids have had exams and alhamdu`lilah they have come out the other side of it ... with two of them getting excellent marks and comment form teachers ... and one not so good ... but she will have next term to ma

Fingerless gloves

I have never made any type of gloves before and i searched lots of different sites looking for the right one and couldn't find any so in the end i took a little bit from different patterns and brought them together so i tried to make them and then i could join the sides together but it just wouldn't happen .... so i ended up making a row of 35 and joining them together using a 3.00mm hook i found this way alot easier and in the end the glove says it all ... it might not be a style for some but my daughters and their friends loved them and great made in different colors

A little post

As salaamu 'alaykum I recently stumbled across Huda Academy, which is a project of Huda TV.  Ma sha Allah, courses are given by highly qualified Islamic teachers and all lessons are professionally recorded in a television studio! You should really check this out. Here is the link for <a href="">Islamic Studies in English</a> offered at Huda Academy... insha`allah it will be a benefit to us all P.S. the link above seems not to work so heres another

too long

oh it has been to long since i blogged last ... with all the sickness in my home their wasn't really any time let one time for myself ... i had made a few new dishes but never got to take pic as my phone is playing up it keep freezing on me worse than the pc  so their was no chance to take pics i even made a few fingerless gloves or hand warmers and those too i couldn't take pics of ...and this was the first time i actually made them .... i took ideas form different patterns and brought them together ... they ended up simple but lovely and so lovely that friends of my daughter asked for me to make them and sell them to them so that's what i did ... but only on the days where i was up to it ...alhamdu`lilah it only takes a few hours to make them or they would never be made well that's about it .... i hope insha`allah soon to get back to blogging a bit more especially before my father comes next month so until then i will leave you with this Good manners