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well after a long time of thinking and saying that i would i have finally made a quiche  i got the recipe form my friend nicola  who i think is an amazing cook the only thing i did was i put onion and cheese in my mixture as that is what i had and i didnt have cream so i used just milk but added extra egg to compensate well the verdict ...... yummmmy ..... my kids actually thought i had bought it as it was so good and very like the ones i use to but in the uk .... but here in algeria their are none so now we have a new item to cook in ramadan and my dh should be happy as he love light things like this in ramadan

Ramadan around the corner

So yes we have ramadan around the corner ........ so what will we do this year to get ready ...... well so far its the cleaning that takes up the time as here in algeria most houses give a great clean as they dont have time during ramadan ........ so kitchens are done and that means walls and every nuck and cranny  that you can think of as well as bathrooms and toilet and other rooms in the house and with this all walls are washed down but for me yes i do a good clean but i like to think of how ramadan  will benefit me and my family and how we can please allah in this time too so insha`allah as a family we will once again read quran and revise the surahs we have learned and insha`allah we will also try to learn more also insha`allah i`m hoping to meet a sister that i havent really meet yet but have spoken to many time on skype so what are you ladies going to do to get ready this year *!_ *!* Ram adan is coming *!_ *!* Ramadan is here, Here is Ramadan. Ramadan is

Easy apple cake

this is a very simple cake ... i found the recipe on facebook for some sisters and i like the look of it so i gave it a try ....but it has been a long time since i made it and now with my daughter wanting to learn to make cakes i thought what a good chance to teach her this  now one thing i will say is i have made this two ways ... the first time i just added extra flour as i found the amount to small ..... and today i just doubled up on the ingredients .... so my verdict ....todays was much better .... the only thing i wouldn`t do is double up on the salt and bio crab as i think it would be too much Recipe  2 cups of peeled/ finely chopped apples  1 egg 3/4 cup of sugar (you could add less esp if your doubling the recipe ) 1 tsp cinnamon  1/4 cup of oil 1 cup of flour 1/2 tsp of bio carb vanilla 1 tblsp of baking powder  and if need being add some extra liquid   i added some raisins to mine as well Method mix apple and sugar together and leave for 1

Finally got around to making

so after many months of saying insha`allah i will make ..... i finally got around to making a banana cake ......and it was the easiest thing ever ..... the only thing is i dont know where i got the recipe form ... i have searched every where and still haven`t found out who it`s belonging to .... so if your a reader of my blog and it`s your recipe .... thank you so much .... it was really delicious   recipe    2 cups of flour  1/4 tsp of bio carb 1/2 cup of sugar 2 eggs pinch of cinnamon    banana`s mashed  takes 45 to 60 mins on a low heat Method mix butter ans sugar together first then add eggs ... after this add flour and bio carb and mix then add the cinnamon   place in a grease oven dish and bake ......

letting loose in the kitchen

a few days ago i had a friend visit me for afternoon tea i decided to make something for this eldest daughter(12) asked if she could so i said yes but i watched her all the time ....she made a lovely jam and coconut sponge which masha`allah was really tasty ...but as usual i forgot to take a photo till it was nearly finished so today i asked her to make it again but this time i let her alone to see how she would cope and what we would end up with as i believe it`s the best way to teach them ......well can you imagine what we got .....neither could i ....i`m going to post the pic and leave you decide on it   so i have been asked to put up the recipe .... this became a shock for me as .... i didnt think ppl would be interested here you are  2 mugs of flour 1 mug of sugar 1 mug of oil 3 eggs tsp of vanilla 2 pks of baking powder and a few drops of milk 1 bar of chocolate and 1 banana place all ingredients in to your blender and wizz up then add some milk ti

spice it up

i`m not one for really spicy food i do like curry's but the really hot ones i just cant eat ... but every so often i do like to have some spice in  my life and today is that day what on the menu ...well let me tell you it curried green beans and meat  and salad so how this i cook it ...let me tell you cubes of meat garlic onion  spices( black pepper , salt, cumin. cinnamon, coriander  , turmeric ,saffron, ginger, and a little curry powder ) green beans tomato i saute the garlic and onion first then add the meat and allow to brown then add the spices and all this done on a low heat .... then add some water  and allow to cook when half way through add your green beans  and let it finishing to cook ...keep checking on the level of water and top up when needed ..towards the end add a little tomato puree to allow it to thicken ... the amount of time for cooking depends on how you like your meat ... i like mine to fall apart ......enjoy. so what planned for the

The bug is back

after a long time away form crocheting .... the bug is back and i`m all geared up again....... as you will have seen i have finished one cardi and now the other and from this i have started another but this time i am reading from a pattern as i do find them a little hard to get around but masha`allah with the help of umm z (kate) my friend i`m doing it stay tuned for that and at the same time i will insha`allah make a hat to go with the cardi`s and a blamket for the orange cardi as a gift for my neighbor who is due her baby september /october

popping popcorn

so after a busy morning between taking kids to school and then having to go back after just an hour so so as they are doing exams and once finished they are let out for the rest of the day then the house needs to be clean ... so everybody had something to do ..... and in order to get this done telly must be off and not switched on till everything is done this time lunch must be made and then clean up after this ... so you can see it is a busy morning ... so what do we do in the after noon well i like to relax a little if i can and today is a rainy day so what better than to make popcorn so out comes the pot and this is the first time i have thought my girls to make it ....all you need id the popcorn seeds and butter ... oil... and salt ...... and place on the heat ... until it starts to pop half way through turn the heat down a littl so as to not burn the bottom of the pan .... and their you have it a big bowl of popcorn to sit down with and watch a little telly before h

Just Finished

so i started ages ago on making some cardigans for my neighbor who has given birth to a little boy masha`allah ..... but then the weather got warm and i thought that they wouldnt put it on him so i stopped........  but really and truly the weather isnt that hot even at the moment we have rain and are expected to have more for the week so today i was a little bored and thought let me take it out and finish it .... so i did and masha`allah it looks good if i say so my self so i have given it up to my neighbor ans she loved it ... she could believe that i had made it .... so one happy lady