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Life in Diferent Directions

Isnt it amazing how your days just mange to slip away and then you sit down and think wow where did today go .... this has been happening alot lately ... it`s even amazing how the year passes by so quick well for us it has and i cant believe that it was nearly a year ago my dad came to visit and already coming again .... this week end he will be here for the second time ... but staying a little longer than before ...all the kids are so excited even the little one as she knows he has some gifts for her even this last month has been one for the books ... it has been busy and to say that with out my dh being here .... my son fractured his arm which meant that i needed to do more of the outside chores that he does for me and these days i would rather sit at home .... also the kids have had exams and alhamdu`lilah they have come out the other side of it ... with two of them getting excellent marks and comment form teachers ... and one not so good ... but she will have next term to ma