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djuezzes with chicken

so i love this dish it`s so simple and quick... and always get finished in my house   this is just 1 small onion black pepper salt chicken peices peas and chips   fry onion till slightly soft then add chicken and fry till a little brown then add pepper and salt and continue add water and bring to a boil then add your peas   while you leave that to cook and the sauce reduces fry your chips and when the chicken and sauce is finished add your chips  ... and their you have it  

a different kind

so i have made another cardigan but this time i changed the stitch to a hdc and added xtra stiches so as to fit my nearly 1 year old   but i did follow the patern stitch where it looks like a ruffle ... the out come masha`allah and it looks wonderful on her  

a quick note

i had forgotton to post the links to the tutorials of the crocheting so here they are   in this their is a series of videos just follow them as he explains .... this video is for the baby cardigan ... i already posted the video of the hats and as you will see at the side of each their is a list of other masha`allah

baby cardigan

i really wanted to make a cardigan for my daughter so i google to see what i could find and found a really good tutorial and a very simple way of making it   and this is what i came up with ... the only problem is that it is for a new born... so after a sleepless night i found a way of making it for my nearly 11 month old ..... so that will be my next project so some lucky person out their will be getting this cardigan for their daughter

loving the challenge

so making hats has become something natural for me i feel like i have been at it for years ..... well in fact i have been just crocheting for a little over three weeks and i`m loving it masha`allah   so as you would have see i have already made two hats for my 10 month old ... but even that wasnt enough so i decided to make another but not using the same stitch or the same type of wool so i found another tutorial where u you use a half double crochet stitch instead of a single crochet stitch now the lady that was doing the video was making a hat for a smaller child but i need it for my 10 month old so i read alot of the comments and learnt that you just increase the amount of stitches ... with that off i went and as i was going i would check to make sure that it would fit my daughter in the video the lady goes as far as round 6 with a total of 48 stitches i increased it to the 11th row with a total of 72 stitches and just continued until it was long enough to fit her head   i also adde