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Pizza Roll

Asalamu Alikum For months my oven hasn't worked and all of a sudden it was working again so the first thing i made was pizza roll ... while doing this i was teaching my daughter my 13 year old how to do this as my 15 year old already knows how to this is basically the samr as the homemade pizza i make only the sauce is a little different ... all i do is use tomato puree and add spices of my choice and then i thin it out to make it easier to spread it is roll out like normal pizza here is my recipe for that you can add any topping and then just take the side and roll the dough till it's like a log ... then cut into rounds and place on tray ... i will add cheese on top as well as the cheese that is inside and then bake for about 15 to 20 mins

Guest post From Halal Home Cooking ....Pancakes with a twist

As-Salaamu Alaykum I'm Umm Hamza from  Halal Home Cooking  today I'm sharing a recipe for a breakfast staple with a twist. Pancakes are my children's favourite breakfast food. They will gladly eat cereal with milk, creamy porridge and jam/jelly doughnuts but unlike those aforementioned staples that only get half to three quarters eaten because A. they turn soggy B. get's cold and sticky or c. no jam left, pancakes will  always  be eaten, no excuses. Once you've honed your basic pancake recipe you are free to experiment with flavour combinations and that's exactly how these chai spiced chocolate and tahini pancakes came about ma sha Allah Source : I found this chai spiced latte powder whilst searching 'halal' during my on-line grocery shopping. I'm always hoping when hitting that search button new products will pop up and this time it d

Cinnamon Sponge with Custard

Asalamu Alikum  Yay a new post  In the time i wa away ... i had made a few things and took picture so as to when i had internet again i could blog and post the pics ... then the stupid phone played up and i lost everything so i have had to start off again  my eldest daughter has become a dab hand in baking and really enjoys it more than i do ... so as she does something for the home i will share with you ... the picture above is a spongecake with cinnamon added and she made homemade custard ... this was her second attempt at making custard and she finally got it and was so happy ... i dont help her inthe kitchen she just gets an idea and goes with it  recipe for sponge is here with some cinnamon added  and the custard is made with  3 cups of milk  4 egg yolks 3 tbsp of cornstarch half tsp of salt or none whatever you like  half cup of sugar /100grams 2tbsp of butter pinch of vanilla