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Tajin with meat

So sometimes when watching t.v. you can come across many cooking programs and sometime i wonder do ppl really cook that and eat it ...... well the other day i was watch algerian t.v. with dh  and everyday their is a cooking program as i watched the woman i thought oh that looks good ... now i have to say that i have watched this program last year too and did make one of her dishes and masha`allah it was good and we all loved it so as i sat their dh also said thats look nice give it a try i wrote down what she did and yesterday i tried it .... now what i will say is that it needed something else but it was nice so next time i will change it a little to suit ourselves anyway this is what we used mince meat (i used minced chicken) onion garlic tomatoes (2) tomato puree courgettes (2) potatoes (2) peppers (4) black pepper salt cumin carwia coriandor 5 eggs take your mince and mix all spices into it as well as a little garlic and 1 egg then  roll into balls or l


I have made these a few times and just from having them once ...... when i first made it i wasnt sure if they would turn out well and maybe my version wasnt like the orignal ....but at that time i had some vistors with us who i knew eat samosa and i tested on them ... their verdit was masha`allah they loved it i know that the filling is not the same as if i was to buy them or have them made by them professionals ... but my family likes them so last night my daughter asked me to make them and alhamdu`lilah i had some mince to do so i used  diol (boreak sheets) for this and my filling was onion ... garlic.... mince....peas.... black pepper...salt...cumin...carfa...cinnamon..... and ginger ...and sometime i put some chilli powder ...but this batch i left it out as i had my soup that was a little hot so that was enough i also add just a tiny bit of egg to help bring it together


So i`m not one really for cooking fish  and like every day i get fed up trying to cook and put things on the table that all will eat ... so today i sat back and told dh you bring it i will cook it ....and masha`allah he did what was on the menu well i`m not sure what the name is called but their like muscles but smaller and found in the sand here in algeria in the beaches ......these are the shells for it and now my kids have claimed them to make something with it  so we took all the fish out of them and washed them..... in the meantime my dh decides to cook it ... so with a little onion..... garlic and black pepper.... salt ....cumin and a little tomato puree  and some tomatoes blended  he made a lovely sauce then he brought some turkey thigh and sliced it and marinated it in oil.... black pepper .... salt...... cumin..... thyme...... garlic.....and a little tomato and left it for a few hours and then just fried it and masha`allah it was very tender and really

kitchen Gadgets

so i`m not one that goes out to buy to many kitchen gadgets ..... but when one comes along i never say no ..... my dh brought me this one You ask what is it well it`s a three in one peeler ..... it will peel any veg ... it has another part that help to take the skin of tomatoes .... and then another piece that make julienne .... that piece  i love and especially for making salad  ..... which is what we used if for tonight ...... it is expensive ... it`s around 13 english pounds ... put i think over a period of time it is worth it  anyway this is the salad we made using it ... well i should say my daughter made

A little message

so it is coming up to a year since i started blogging ...... i first started out with wordpress ....... but found that bloger was a better option ... so i moved everything over ....and it was the best decision i made . i wasnt sure how it was going to work out as i never blogged before and i wasnt sure if many ppl would even be interested in what i posted but after the year it has shown that yes ppl seem to like it so i wanted to say a big thank you all so much for taking time to follow me and my life ... and i hope that you continue to keep following  in the years to come THANK YOU 


when i first read the name flan on a box i thought no way as my dad use to make flans all the time ... but it was a sponge lite thing with a filling in the middle with cream and fruit nut here i algeria it`s not ... it`s  dessert  that is made from a powder and milk and then once cooled down placed in the fridge to set like a jelly (jello) and become cold ... their are all different flavors ... last night we did strawberry

Chicken dish

so i have post the recipe for this dish before and i make it many different ways  but last night i did it with rice ..... i normally forget to take a picture of it ... but masha`allah  this time i didnt ... here`s the recipe as it being ramadan we only did a small portion i really hope you enjoy it saha ftourkum   Dua for breaking a fast at the time of Iftaar (Iftaar Dua) » Allahumma inni laka sumtu wa bika aamantu [wa 'alayka tawakkaltu] wa 'ala rizq-ika aftarthu

Homemade pizza

so since learning to make my own pizza you can be sure that my table in ramadan will not be with out it ... my dh loves pizza and so do the kids INGREDIENTS 1 kilo of flour 1 tsp of salt about 1 tbsp of sugar about 2 tbsp of yeast and warm water now the quantities might bit a bit off as i go by eye on this one .... and in ramadan i do reduce the amount of flour when it`s just my family eating but when having guest i will do the full amount all you do is place all ingredients in a big bowl add your water bit by bit until dough comes together and then knead ..... after that leave the dough in the bowl and set aside to allow it to rise this take about 1/2 hour to hour .... the sauce for the pizza is very simple ... just place some tomatoes in a pot with a little water and allow to soften then mix in a blender ... place back in the pot and add garlic ... onion.... parsely ..... thyme.....and black pepper ... salt .... cumin... carwia ...and coriandor .... and allo

First Iftar

so yes today was the first iftar of many in this month of ramadan ..... so what was on the table ...... well we had chourba ( algerian soup) also homemade pizza....... and i also made this salad of beets and carrots from a friends blog  here    jazak`allah khair heina it was very tasty and dh loved it  we also had boreak and djuezzes with chicken and green beans ... so i will post some of the dishes as other i have posted before BEET AND CARROT SALAD   CHOURBA THIS IS MADE WITH  1 ONION DICED FINE CUBES OF MEAT  4 LARGE CARROTS  2 LARGE COURGETTES 3 LARGE POTATOES 3 TOMATOES HAND FULL OF CHICK PEAS BLACK PEPPER CINNAMON PLACE ONION AND MEAT IN POT AND COOK FOR A SHORT WHILE THEN ADD TOMATOES AND CONTINUE  AFTER ABOUT 2 MINS OR SO ADD SPICE AND COOK FOR A LITTLE LONG STIRRING A FEW TIMES THEN ADD WATER ... LET THAT COME TO A BOIL AND ADD YOUR VEG .... NOW YOU CAN GRATE YOUR VEG OR CUT THEM REALLY SMALL LIKE THIS  OR LEAVE THEM WHOLE AND LATER ON YOU CAN BLITZ IT I