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Tajin with meat

So sometimes when watching t.v. you can come across many cooking programs and sometime i wonder do ppl really cook that and eat it ...... well the other day i was watch algerian t.v. with dh  and everyday their is a cooking program as i watched the woman i thought oh that looks good ... now i have to say that i have watched this program last year too and did make one of her dishes and masha`allah it was good and we all loved it

so as i sat their dh also said thats look nice give it a try i wrote down what she did and yesterday i tried it .... now what i will say is that it needed something else but it was nice so next time i will change it a little to suit ourselves

anyway this is what we used

mince meat (i used minced chicken)
tomatoes (2)
tomato puree
courgettes (2)
potatoes (2)
peppers (4)
black pepper
5 eggs

take your mince and mix all spices into it as well as a little garlic and 1 egg
then  roll into balls or like the first pic and set aside ...... then place a little oil in a pan and place your chicken balls into and aloow to brown on all sides then take out

the place diced onion and garlic and fry for a little while ... then add chopped tomatoes and spices ....and allow to cook .... then you add a little tomato puree.....allow to cook some more ...then add water ... then place your chicken balls into the suace cover and cook on medium heat for about 20 mins

in the mean time cut up your courgettes into discs and also your potatoes into cubes and fry both separately...when finished place on a paper towel to allow the excess fat to come off ...after tthe 20 mins are up add your courgettes  and potatoes

then blacken some peppers ...actually this can be done while your frying the potatoes .... then once blacken place in a bag and allow to cool then take all the black off and cut into pieces and add to sauce

now all of this cooking can be done in thise pot that can be used both on top of cooker and inside ....

once you`ve add everything in each corner of your dish crack an egg  without stirring and place in oven ...leave their untill cooked and take out

eat with some warm bread ...


  1. this looks delicious lovely for iftar

  2. oh jazak`allah khair it was very nice ...and we finished it off today ... jazak`allah khair for you lovely comments

  3. oh my .... thank you so much for dropping in and taking time to look around i`m glad that you have enjoyed it .... i will take a look and add myself... once again thank you


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