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French Laof

Asalam wa alikum So as you know i`m not really one for baking ... but when a good recipe comes my way i must tell you about it I have had this recipe for a while and never got around to trying it so as i was making my muffin bread i thought let me try this one ... Its a french loaf and so simple and easy 2 cups of water (warm) 2 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp of yeast instant 2 tbsp of salt ... i felt it was a bit too much so i reduced it to 1 2 tbsp of oil (veg) 5 cups of flour mix well and knead dough then allow to rise punch back the dough then place on a tray allow to rise again and place in a hot oven it takes about 20 mins or so and masha`allah what a lovely bread we toasted it and had butter and jam for breakfeast enjoy and let me know how it works out

REVIEW: Muffin Bread

Asalam wa alikum so every so often i will try out a recipe that has been posted so this time  i have tried this one  Being Kate  ( Muffin Bread ) and masha`allah what a hit .... easy to make and easy to bake the only thing for me was the size of my tin and the bread didnt come up over the top when rising   so i would need to add maybe a little more flour and liquid but over all masha allah this will become a favorite i think so go try it and let her know how you got on

So whats for afternoon tea

Asalam wa alikum So whats for afternoon tea ...well let me tell you .... after 9 years of living here i still dont know the names of a few thing and this is one of them .... what i call it is Algeria`a version of french toast with sugar.... even to say french toast might be wrong but when i was growing up and was doing cooking in school that was one of the things we were taught but not with the sugar so all you need is some stale bread i try not to buy to much bread these days as it doesnt get eaten to much ... my family seems to prefer when i make pitta bread anyway what you needis stale bread (we use french stick) eggs sugar oil to fry it in and thats it ...easy huh!!! just cut the french stick into rounds as big as you like dip it in the eggs that also has a little milk in it then fry once finished ... dip straight into sugar and presto chango!!!! enjoy with what ever takes your fancy