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new beginnings

When i started this blog i never knew what i was really going to post . i started out with doing posts about food but when on a budget their really is only so much you can post about then theirs the hobbies i had which was crocheting but also stopped for a while i did take it up again and started on a new blanket for my grandson to be pics will come once im done . then the family grew kids are all much older now .my son is 22 and doing well in his studies . and my daughters well as i said before one of my daughters got married and has been for over 2 years now she had her first baby in January 2018 and now is due her second who at this time is 4 days over due . so now that the family has grown time to change the way i post . i hope to do more cooking but also take about life as a grandmother too and the differences between me raising my kids and the way my daughter and her husband may choose to raise their i know their will be a few opinions going back and forth but i see that

Back again

Assalamu Alakium It has been along time since i posted  with life and all the general things that go on in it , it took all my time , but i believe i need to get back to blogging again . i will not just be posting about the dishes i made but about life in general and any hobbies i do too . since i last posted one of my daughters got married and is now having her second baby which makes me a grandmother so life has changed and now i can post about the little things they do too . so im looking forward to seeing and hraring from you all too