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daily routines

back to school

and the routine starts again
so here is how it goes

up at 6:10 wash my face and wake the kids
get them to pray and tidy their room

then i make them breakfast and in that time the baby is up so i take her out of the room so that my dh can sleep

change her and give her something to eat when thats finished i go and make sure that the others have finished their jobs and go have their breakfast

then 7:15 we start to get ready to leave the house so that i can get them to school on time as it takes 20 mins by car to go to their school and that depends on traffic too

then by 8:20 i`m home to get started on the jobs ahead for that day

insha`allah i will fill in each day what it is i do so stayed tuned


so today was the usual getting up routine and out the door by 7:30am

once i got home i took the little one to bath her and change her clothes masha`allah she really loves taking a bath"splish splash i was taking a bath"

then i decided that all the floors needed cleaning so i got to doing that and the dusting masha`allah at the same time i put a load of washing on as i knew my dh would need his clothes for sport

so after all was finished i sat down and dreamt about having a cuppa but as were still fasting no such look . by this time the little one was ready for a sleep as she had woken early this morning at 5:20am

and i was hoping to have a little lie down myself but i remembered the ironing so off she goes to sleep and i settle into the ironing

and before you know it , it`s time to pick the kids up for school , then when i got home i needed to cook dinner so that myself and my dh could break our fast

and now i`m taking time out to have a browse on the pooter

so thats it till the next time

signing off

sunday 10th of october

what next on the list

well the morning routine is still the same getting up and getting kids to school and back home to be with the little one

so i try to fill my days in , so i`ve started to take curtains down and re-arrange rooms pull out furniture change sheets and anything else i can manage to get my hands on

and having a baby following you around wanting nothing but attention , isn`t easy

i can`t wait for my dh to get back

stay tuned

friday 15th of october

so my friday routine is cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, as during the week their are things i cant do while i am the only one here with dd 10 months old

do what do i do on a friday

well all mats are taken up off the floor and water is thrown and the floors are scrubbed

then dusting is done everywhere

kitchen is completely tidied cooker get a complete clean as well as the fridge ,counter top gets a complete cleaning

as clothes from the week that have been wash get tidy and put away as well as all socks and undergraments

bed are all changed and bedrooms left tidy

and in the evenings all kids have a shower

all clothes get washed and hung out

and both my balconies get a good tidy out

anything else like windows i can get done during the week when the baby is a sleep

so by the time i`m finished all i want to do it sit and have a good hot cuppa

8th december

so my daily routine at this moment is getting up to pray fajir and straight back to bed as throughout the night i have been wake most of it as my baby isnt well ....

then when she waked up it is a tidy around with her in my arms as she wont let go and then i try to have a cuppa then it cleaning up after her as she has diarrhea and it goes everywhere ... eventually she goes to sleep in my arms of course and if i`m lucky i get her to lie down on the mattress i have in my sitting room ...

and thats when i can get some work done ... so mostly my day is washing clothes and getting lunches and dinners made ... and by night time i`m so tired ... even tho i did go back to bed in the morning but really didnt sleep ....... and i go to bed early but have another night of staying awake

15th of march

wow it has been a while since i wrote here ... well life has change again ... now being that my baby is a toddler and love to make a lot of mess so no matter when i have cleaned she comes and pull everything a part .... now i will say for her being only 15 months old she will pick thing up when asked

anyway my routine is now

getting up . getting kids up dress and fed and out the door at 7:30

i`m back by 8:30 and have my first cuppa then i go around the house tidying up and pick things up and putting them in their places then  i take the hover out and getting going while this is going on i`m running around after my toddler because she has pulled something out of it`s place and also that she keeps turning off the hover

once i`m finished everywhere i wash the floors and dust and i`m still running around after my toddler to pick up what she pulls down

my dh is here at the moment so i then need to make lunch ... so i feed him and baby and then clean up and get the little one to sleep ... stay tunned for more.......

4 october

oh my it has been a while .... so now my routine has changed again ......i have had to start budgeting and menu planning so this has changed the way i do thing a little

i still get up at 6 and then after breakfast and bedrooms tidyed and 5the 2 year old dressed and feed it`s time to take the kids to school so by 8:15 i`m back i sit and have a cuppa and when thats finished i will get into the cleaning .... masha`allah by 10/ 10:30 i will be finished and when my hubby is here i will make some lunch unless i have something left over form the night before then i will heat that up and maybe make some small and light to go with it ... now on some days i will have to go back to the school to pick up the kids around 12 but most days it`s 4 .... so if i dont need to pick them up until four then i will feed those who need their lunch and after this clean up and start to prepare the dinner for the evening ... some time i will cook it through and other day i will half cook it and this depends on what is being cooked 

by four i will pick up the kids and once where home it`s straight into homework and studying and like this i will give dinner early and by 9pm all will be in bed and a sleep were fresh to start all over again for the next day



  1. assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu Sanaa!!!!

    Masha'allah your routine sounds SUPER busy makes me re-think about having children (if Allah wills!) .. i still want children though masha'Allah they are such a blessing! But i can understand how much work it is! Taking care of the home and your husband is already a lot of work! I can't imagine having as many kids as you masha'Allah and still holding down the fort!!! May Allah reward you immensely for all your hard work ! Ameen. btw ! Shoutouts to you, my dedicated follower of the week! <3

  2. Jazak`allah khair sanaa insha`allah allah will bless you with kids and they will the apple of your eye and bring you by the hand to jannah


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