Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweetcorn Fritters

So as you know kids are well and truly back in school and home life has gotten quieter .... in my house this is a change and the biggest change is having the kids come home for their lunch everyday before their were in private school and got fed their

I must admit i like it ... it keeps me on my toes and gives me bak the routine i use to have so it`s all good

For lunch i do like to give them something lite as i do like the idea of them going back to school and feeling heavy and not giving their full attention to the teacher 

So i made these sweetcorn fritters ... these i had last year in my friends house and loved them ... and i had made them a few times and then stopped ...and really forgot about them till just now .... their easy and tasty

1 tin of sweetcorn

small onion diced really small

some parsely

black  pepper and salt

2 eggs

take small spoon fulls and drop in to hot oil and dont press them down

then once cooked eat as you please .... i place mine in some homemade pitta bread with salad and some mayo ... my kids devoured them  even my dh love them


  1. Assalamu alayki sister, these sound lovely. And I have those ingredients! Will try it out later. I would give them to my kids when they come in from school as I usually give them pancakes or the like.
    I am assuming you just mix those ingredients together into a usual batter consistency and them drop them in the pan??

  2. yes sis that the way ... insha`allah you will enjoy them

  3. Sounds lovely ma sha Allah. I should make these!

  4. Ooh I haven't had these in ages!!! These are old favourites that I never seem to cook anymore....

  5. get a cooking then woman it was in your house i had them

    insha`allah Fruitful fusions try them and let us know how they went

  6. Oh wow, your blog is so delicious! I will be back to try some of these fabulous recipes, MashaAllah.

  7. awww jazak`allah khair sis thats so sweet of you
    and thank you for dropping by