Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Djuezzes

So yes once again another djuezzes .... one of the thing i love about algeria that one name can mean so many things

So what djuezzes did i make ... well it`s a mince meat balls in a red sauce with carrots and peas ... the carrots are diced and the spices used are black pepper , cumin, salt . and paprika ... i also use carwia  and garlic

then i cut some potatoes in rounds and fried them and that`s it

i was first introduced to this by a friend and in her husband family they would put chilli in it to make it hot ... now masha`allah i love it that way ... but my kids aren't too fond of it 

In my husband family they make something similar but the carrots are cut in circles and they dont but chilli or paprika in it or even carwia ... but when i make it i do  they also dont use garlic but i do .. this is how it looks


  1. Salam sis,

    This looks and is really yummy mashAllah I made something similar after seeing your post the other day, I must have been on my mobile as to why I didn't leave u a comment earlier.

  2. oh masha`allah sis thats wonderful ... it`s amazing how hings can come together ... jazak`allah khair