Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to Planning

So it has come to it ... Back to menu Planning and tightening the purse string a bit  especially with the kids back to school on sunday and they will now be coming home for lunch so i need to be more orgnaised ..

So over the last few day thats what i have been doing i made my menu plan for the week and masha`allah so far so good i have stayed on track

I was told about this dish form my friend Being Kate and masha`allah i could believe ow simple and tasty it was and also how one piece of a chicken breast could be stretched and still everybody have some

so yes it is a pasta dish .... made in a bachemal sauce but without the butter and the chicken is poached in some chicken stock and then shredded

it went down a treat masha`allah so this will be used again ... jazak`allah khair umm z


  1. mashallah looks just like my mum's pasta...I love this dish mashallah!

  2. Yes it very quickly became a firm favourite in our house mashallah.... glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. Masha'Allah looks delicious, will try it out on my family insha'Allah!
    Thanks for sharing :-)

    Emma x

  4. awww jazak`allah khair ladies

    sis islam muslimah it`s a basic recipe .... poach the chicken breast in chicken stock in the meantime fry some garlic and onion and black pepper i also added a little cumin too and salt and add a chicken stock cube here their called jumbo add some water and allow to cook then add flour and mix well and form that milk ... so here your making a bachemal sauce but without butter once finished take the poach chicken and shred it and add to sauce then add your cooked pasta of choice to it and parsley