Monday, August 22, 2011


I have made these a few times and just from having them once ...... when i first made it i wasnt sure if they would turn out well and maybe my version wasnt like the orignal ....but at that time i had some vistors with us who i knew eat samosa and i tested on them ... their verdit was masha`allah they loved it

i know that the filling is not the same as if i was to buy them or have them made by them professionals ... but my family likes them

so last night my daughter asked me to make them and alhamdu`lilah i had some mince to do so

i used  diol (boreak sheets) for this

and my filling was onion ... garlic.... mince....peas.... black pepper...salt...cumin...carfa...cinnamon..... and ginger ...and sometime i put some chilli powder ...but this batch i left it out as i had my soup that was a little hot so that was enough

i also add just a tiny bit of egg to help bring it together


  1. I love samosas and heard that they are inspired by the sambouseks we make in the Middle East; yours sound delicious and great idea to use egg to bind the filling!

  2. oh masha`allah and jazak`allah khair sis ....and i also learned something new too ....jazak`allah khair

  3. this looks wonderful lovely site maashallah
    first time here nice to meet you umm imran

  4. oh thank you very much Torviewtoronto...i`m really glad you like it .... it`s notting amazing but i try to write in it