Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Homemade pizza

so since learning to make my own pizza you can be sure that my table in ramadan will not be with out it ... my dh loves pizza and so do the kids


1 kilo of flour
1 tsp of salt
about 1 tbsp of sugar
about 2 tbsp of yeast
and warm water

now the quantities might bit a bit off as i go by eye on this one .... and in ramadan i do reduce the amount of flour when it`s just my family eating but when having guest i will do the full amount

all you do is place all ingredients in a big bowl add your water bit by bit until dough comes together and then knead ..... after that leave the dough in the bowl and set aside to allow it to rise

this take about 1/2 hour to hour ....

the sauce for the pizza is very simple ... just place some tomatoes in a pot with a little water and allow to soften then mix in a blender ... place back in the pot and add garlic ... onion.... parsely ..... thyme.....and black pepper ... salt .... cumin... carwia ...and coriandor .... and allow to cook for about 20 mins you may need to add a little water ... then place back in blender and mix ... then return to pot and allow to finish cooking .. i add a little tomato puree to help thicken the sauce a little

now roll out your pastry to fit size of your tray and pour a little sauce over it then add what evey topping you like ... i did peppers... onion.... and tuna .... and for dh some green olives chopped up .... we dont put the cheese on until the pizza is cooked ... once cooked grate cheese and serve

i hope you like it


  1. Looks great masha Allah and yummy sounding sauce.

  2. Snap! We made pizza today! Ramadan Mubarak dear sis! xxx

  3. masha`allah and ramadan mubarak to you to sis

  4. RAmadan KAreem... Yumm yumm... Your blog is very nice.. and.. I add milk powder to the pizza dough and it comes out really nice... try it. :)

  5. ramadan mubark to you too sis ..... powdered milk .... really .... i was given another recipe with using an egg in it .. .. insha`allah i will try it and see ...jazak`allah khair sis