Thursday, August 18, 2011


So i`m not one really for cooking fish  and like every day i get fed up trying to cook and put things on the table that all will eat ... so today i sat back and told dh you bring it i will cook it ....and masha`allah he did what was on the menu

well i`m not sure what the name is called but their like muscles but smaller and found in the sand here in algeria in the beaches ......these are the shells for it

and now my kids have claimed them to make something with it 

so we took all the fish out of them and washed them..... in the meantime my dh decides to cook it ... so with a little onion..... garlic and black pepper.... salt ....cumin and a little tomato puree  and some tomatoes blended  he made a lovely sauce

then he brought some turkey thigh and sliced it and marinated it in oil.... black pepper .... salt...... cumin..... thyme...... garlic.....and a little tomato and left it for a few hours and then just fried it and masha`allah it was very tender and really tasty

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