Saturday, August 6, 2011


when i first read the name flan on a box i thought no way as my dad use to make flans all the time ... but it was a sponge lite thing with a filling in the middle with cream and fruit

nut here i algeria it`s not ... it`s  dessert  that is made from a powder and milk and then once cooled down placed in the fridge to set like a jelly (jello) and become cold ... their are all different flavors ... last night we did strawberry


  1. I really liked this when I was in Algeria. They all called it Nouara! My sil makes a light version with double the amount of milk that they say on the packet and half the sugar. It comes out really refreshing after a day of fasting. I tried making a version of it with milk, cornflour, cocoa and sugar but it was more mousse-like!

  2. i dont put sugar in mine as i find them sweet anyway ..... so was the version you made taste good

  3. It was just too mousse-like and I wanted it to be lighter.The kids liked it but maybe I need to get some of those packets sent over from Algeria!