Sunday, August 7, 2011

kitchen Gadgets

so i`m not one that goes out to buy to many kitchen gadgets ..... but when one comes along i never say no ..... my dh brought me this one

You ask what is it well it`s a three in one peeler ..... it will peel any veg ... it has another part that help to take the skin of tomatoes .... and then another piece that make julienne .... that piece  i love and especially for making salad  ..... which is what we used if for tonight ...... it is expensive ... it`s around 13 english pounds ... put i think over a period of time it is worth it

 anyway this is the salad we made using it ... well i should say my daughter made


  1. this looks useful & you have a nice hubby, masha'allah!

  2. aww jazak`allah khair sis ... he can be at times lol

  3. Masha'Allah that looks great. Where did he get it?

  4. nicola he got it somewhere in the uk in london ... i couldnt tell you what shop as i have no idea but google it and see for your self....Joseph Joseph Rotary Peeler