Saturday, May 12, 2012

Childhood memories

Subhan`allah dont you just love when you come across something that reminds  you of your childhood and they way your family would sit and get together

not like these day where their is so much going on that your never sure weither it will happen form day to day .... well masha`allah i had one of those day yesterday

my lovely dad sent over some baked beans for us as even tho i`m told they are sold here but i havent seen them myself ...... so i decided to do an old fav of our family ..... very simple and just hits the spot ... i bet your wondering what it is ...well let me tell you


and to top it off some brown sauce over it ... well you can imagine what a lovely lunch we had and even dh ate it which is brilliant for me as he`s not one for ready made beans from a jar

so hopefully we will be doing this again one day in the future

so what is your childhood memory


  1. Funny, my dh loves baked beans. Don't know what he'll do in dz! My dad used to make curried baked beans when we were kids! Hope you and your family are well. xxx

    1. masha`allah sis we are well ... i hope all is well with you and your lot ... wow curried beans thats one for the books... and one i wouldn't mind trying .... you know it was the ones in the tins that my dh wouldn't let me buy and now masha`allah that you can get them in a jar i`m sure it will be appearing on the table more especially when were in the uk

  2. delicious looking toast maashallah looks wonderful