Monday, May 14, 2012


So i thought that i should every so often do a review on something that i have tried form other blogs and their recipes .... i think it`s a great way to let other know that it does work and tastes great

so here`s one for you .... this recipe come form a very good friend of mine and her blog Being Kate

Masha`allah we always make this type of food in out house but never thought to do it the way kate makes it so i thought lets try it and see

Well masha`allah it was excellent  and looks so much better than the way most algerians do it ...which is by mixing in the eggg and keep mixing which by the end doesnt look very appealing

here`s how it turned out for me

I would defiantly recommend this  recipe and tell you to pop by kates blog and let her know weither you liked it too


  1. aw... saha dolly... yours looks yummy mashallah my kids thoroughly enjoyed eating it at your house the other day!!!

    1. celmac sweetie .... i`m glad they enjoyed it

  2. wow,...this is surely a very nice hubby loves eggs ...loved it n bookmarked !!!I hav also included you in my blogroll!!!!!

    1. jazak`allah khair sis thats great ... we are loving it too and make it regularly