Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer and all it`s comings

masha`allah clear skies and sunshine all around ...well thats the weather in algeria at the moment`s just nice not too warm yet .... and what come with this time of the year

 Well for one the food changes no more big one pot stews as it gets too warm for that .... the prices of veg is coming down slowly but surely

peppers are coming back into season ..even tho they are around most of the year ...but once the season for them hits they become cheap every home you pass will have the smell of peepers being cooked in one way or another

so this is were the thinking cap come in as i now have to try to find light dinners to feed my family

One of those dishes is Fish Cakes  and masha`allah they are going down a treat here even my dh likes them and place a big dish of salad beside them and were away to go

These are light a filling and so easy and the quantity to use depends on the size and needs of your family

for me i used just potatoes...... tuna..... parsley........salt ... and ...pepper and mix in the food processor then dip into flour ...egg... and breadcrumbs and shallow fry them

you could easily change what you put into them and still enjoy them

so what will you be making 


  1. first time in ur space....these fish cakes look absolutely delicious n yummy...loved it!!!!if you like seafood I hav a space dedicated to only fish check it out :-)following ur space !!!!

  2. awww thank you so much for stopping by .... i have popped into your blog and i love it and have placed it on my list so that i can see what else you come up with