Thursday, December 16, 2010

potato paratha

so i`m getting use to making these paratha it has taken it`s time but i got their so tonight i decided to try them with a potato stuffing which a good friend made for me the first time i tried them and masha`allah i loved it

so i used

4 cups of flour

about 4 tbsp of oil


water  enough to make a soft dough

i mixed everything together and then oiled it and left it for 20/30 mins

then i made the filling

4 potatoes




spices (what ever you choose to do)

i boiled the potatoes and once cooked then i let them cool down then i placed them into a frying pan and grated a carrot and courgette  and added garlic and spices and cooked on a low heat while mashed and mixing everything into the potato... once cooked let it cool

start with the dough and take a size of a walnut and roll it out thin then brush over it with melted butter and roll it and knot it (look at pic above to see )

once your finished all leave for another 20 mins then go back and each piece roll it out again and add the filling and fold and re roll lightly and place on a hot plate (tajin)

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