Thursday, December 9, 2010

algerian paratha

so the name says it i set out to make paratha and ran out of time as dh arrived home early and couldnt wait to eat so i cut the time in half and this is what i came out with

well the pastry was

3 cups of flour
a pinch of salt
1/2 tbsps of oil (i added 3 )
water (i just poured until til i had a soft dough


mince ( as much as you like )
i small onion cut finely
three cloves of garlic
pepper / salt / cumin / Cinnamon
and parsley (a hand ful)

once i mixed the ingredients for the pastry i oiled it and placed it to the side for 20 mins normally after this i should roll out into discs. Brush with melted butter and roll into a sausage which you then knot and leave to rest for another 20 minutes but i ran out of time so i just took it from when i oiled it and made small balls and rolled them out

i place the filling on one half and then covered with the other half and then roll the rolling pin over it and placed on my hot plate ( tajin)


  1. Selamun aleykum my sister.
    Algeria looks very tasty dishes...

  2. wa alikum asalam sis

    jazak`allah khair for your comment i really happy that you like my blog

  3. They look great masha'Allah. Just a quick Q; why are you supposed to knot the dough and leave it to rest like that??

  4. well i`m not sure thats the way kate does it .... but i would imagine to allow the butter to soak in .... i made them last night and masha`allah they turned out much better except my tajin was making them a little black i need to give it a good scrub down and re oil it so improve it