Tuesday, December 7, 2010

on the side

so as each meal come i`m stumped in what to cook and if it was only one meal but here in algeria  lunch time isnt just a simple sandwich it`s a meal ..... and with growing children and a husband one dish isnt enough so your always thinking what else can i make with it ....

so masha`allah i`m always looking for inspiration and flicking through blogs galore  and one recipe i found which is very common here in algeria but is considered  a meal in it`s self is garantita ... but in my house hold it`s a side dish


so masha`allah i found this recipe here jazak`allah khair umm z

it is my first time to cook it and i hope it came out well ..... my dd10 loved it and my dh said masha`allah ... so it seems a hit



another side dish is potato cakes which is a very simple dish


i just peeled and wash and cooked 4 big potatoes

once cooked i mashed them now sometime i put a little milk and butter and once mashed i let it cool down but this time i didnt

then i added 1 small onion

2/3 cloves of garlic (you can use more or less )

a pinch of salt /pepper


then i  made them into balls and patted them down .... after this i placed it in flour .. then egg.... then breadcrumbs....and fried them in a little oil they were really delicious .... next time i was thinking to place a little piece of cheese in the middle



  1. I've tried to like garantita but can't!

    The potato cakes look really delicious with cheese inside, yummy!

  2. me too nicola i dont like garantita but i have to say when you eat your own it`s different ... i jusat cant explain it ... masha`allah and the potato cakes were delicious

  3. I did try my own - maybe it's just mine that's bad, lol!! Maybe I should try yours! When can I come?! :lol:

  4. no probs nicola i will make it for you