Thursday, December 23, 2010

afternoon snack

so with the kids at home for two weeks and between the fighting arguing and what not their always what to do for afternoon snack ... so today i decided to do an algerian classic which is kissera

all you need is semolina salt and oil and water as to how much is pretty much up to you


i used today i kilo or semolina and about a tsp or so of salt and oil about 3/4 tbsp  rub all together and then add water until you bring the dough together

then roll it out or here in most home they use the palm of their hand and flatten it out .... as to how thick or thin is really up to you as that too varies here

then place on a tabona and tajin  or you can use your cooker with those flat pan

here is what a tabon is like 


place your dough on top of the tajin and cook on a low to medium heat

till it looks like this


and then enjoy with a hot cuppa or some hot chocolate


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