Friday, October 8, 2010


so my kids have been driving me mad about making coleslaw they have become experts in it

if we buy it when in the uk they oh umi thats not nice yours is nicer , what a way to get to your mothers heart

so of course i made it for them



you need i head of cabbage



and about three to four carrots (your choice)


and 1 medium onion


now some ppl dont use onions but i like the tang it gives



and their you have it mixed with the mayo i made previously




  1. Brilliant! Very expertly shredded cabbage - did you use machinery for that or child labour, lol?

  2. i use my blender i remembered i had a piece that can shreds the cabbage and carrots as i usually do it by hand

    i made that big container and by lunch today their was nothing left my kids just took a fork to it and eat it like that