Sunday, October 31, 2010

baby hat

so i`m sitting in my chair finishing my first blanket and thinking to myself what can i do now , then my 10 months old wobbles over to me and as i`m looking at her i think she need a hat

so i went on a mission to learn how to crochet a hat and bam i found a lovely tutorial on how to make one and masha`allah it was so simple

so i sat down with my yarn and started it took basically a half day to make  and as i went a long i kept thinking how to make more out of it

so here is how it is before i added to it

and this is it after i finished



  1. I've already said it but I'll say it again: well done, it's beautiful! I want to see the blanket now!

  2. jazak`allah khair nicola

    as for the blanket (star blanket) i havent finished it as i got so caught up in these hats

    insha`allah soon

  3. Sallam.
    WoW beautiful. i love crochet works but i have never work with it, but now i think to take a try.
    your blog is awesome...
    stay blessed...

  4. Jazak Allah Khair sis ... i'm glad you like my blog and thank you for dropping by and taking time to look around